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Blue Zoo to produce two new series of Numberblocks

Published on: November 27th, 2017

Building on the success of series one, CBeebies has commissioned two new series of the Bafta-nominated programme.

Numberblocks follows the adventures of ten counting block characters, engaging children with songs and silliness, whilst helping them understand numbers by visually making sense of how they work. When one character jumps on top of another, they add up to make a new character and new number.

Numberblocks is the brainchild of Joe Elliot and Blue Zoo, who also made Alphablocks, the hugely popular, long-running CBeebies show that works on a similar premise for teaching children to read.

Blue Zoo works closely with the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) to ensure Numberblocks delivers the essential numeracy skills that build good number sense and a solid maths foundation. Combining this understanding with engaging animation, creative storytelling and fun songwriting has made Numberblocks a huge success, and the first series has been nominated for a Bafta in the Children’s Learning category.

Kay Benbow, head of CBeebies, commented: “It has been wonderful to see how well the first series of Numberblocks has been received by the CBeebies audience. Many parents have emailed in to tell us about the love of numbers and maths that the brand has ignited in their little ones.”

Series two and three of Numberblocks will air on CBeebies in 2018, and each series will consist of 30 new five minute episodes.

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