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Chocolate Thomas the Tank Engine surprises Easter travellers

Published on: April 19th, 2017

Chocolate Thomas6ft tall, 7ft long chocolate sculpture stationed at Kings Cross over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The chocolate Thomas sculpture weighed 140kg and took 250 hours to build by three master chocolatiers. A total of 100kg of chocolate was used to create the masterpiece, which is equivalent to 50,000 chocolate buttons. This consisted of 60kg milk chocolate, 30kg dark chocolate, 10kg white chocolate and 25kg cocoa butter.

Chocolate craftsperson Jen Lindsey-Clark commented: “To take Thomas from a little blue diecast engine to a large-scale chocolate structure was an exciting challenge. To sculpt this much loved iconic brand in chocolate was one of the most fun projects we have been set and the great thing about my job is that if it goes wrong, you can just melt it down and start again.”

The sculpture generated extensive PR coverage including BBC Breakfast, BBC London, Daily Telegraph, Mail Online and mass social media engagement.

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