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Disney rumoured to be in acquisition talks with Fox

Published on: December 1st, 2017

Talks between the companies appear to be back underway, with Disney “progressing speedily” towards acquiring Fox. 

As reported by, an acquisition would give the Disney rights to everything on Fox’s film side, while the Murdoch family will continue to maintain ownership over the sports and news divisions, as noted in the original report.

Deadline’s Mike Fleming believes that, should it go ahead, Disney’s deal will be made much like the deal with Lucasfilm: under a cone of silence. This would suggest that, rather than continuing to follow a stream of rumours concerning a possible deal, Disney and 21st Century Fox would only make the deal known once it is complete.

Recently, it was revealed that Sony Entertainment, rather than Sony Pictures, had shown interest in purchasing 21st Century Fox along with a few other companies, including Comcast and Verizon. However, it appears that talks have since reverted to Disney.

As has been seen previously, such talks can change at a moment’s notice, meaning nothing is set in stone until an official announcement is made. However, as it stands, it would appear that the two studios are nearing a deal.

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