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Tunbridge Wells is the latest town to get its own Monopoly edition

Published on: April 10th, 2017

The royal town “too posh” for Old Kent Road equivalent.

Old Kent RoadLast month, bosses from Winning Moves, makers of the game under official licence from Hasbro, announced that the affluent Kent town would be getting its own edition for this Christmas. The town beat other Royal cities and towns across the UK to land an official game for this year in another Royal milestone year for The Queen.

Robert Osborne, custom games executive from Winning Moves UK commented: “We have had lots of Tunbridge Wells equivalents for the top ranked locations Mayfair and Park Lane filling our top hats, but in the more modest section business is far less brisk. As for Old Kent Road? Sadly, we have drawn a blank.”

Mr Osborne – who lives on the real Old Kent Road in London – is now asking if there is any Tunbridge Wells landmark that can replace Old Kent Road from the game’s classic London original. Poll lines are now re-opening for one week from this Friday to find an Old Kent Road equivalent.

The game will see around 30 leading Royal Tunbridge Wells landmarks replacing the famous Monopoly spaces like Mayfair and Park Lane from the game’s London original.

Mr Osborne added: “We have been inviting the public to help us put this special edition together by sending in votes and suggestions. Thank you to the whole of Royal Tunbridge Wells for some great suggestions. We have so far had the most wonderful response.”

The game will go into production in time for Christmas 2017 and will be available from October.

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