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Zag and Bandai America launch digital connected play experience

Published on: November 2nd, 2017

Zak Storm – Super Pirate offers a connected play experience by interconnecting the TV show, toys, and mobile game.

The series has launched in the US on Netflix, coinciding with the release of global master toy partner Bandai America’s toy line.

Kids collect and play with Zak Storm physical toys from Bandai America, available exclusively in the US from Amazon for November. Each comes with collectible treasure that provides rewards for the Zak Storm mobile game.

Zag’s president of global brand strategy and consumer products Andre’ Lake Mayer, commented: “Bandai America’s Zak Storm – Super Pirate product line is a tremendous asset in conveying the distinct attributes of this new must-have global boys brand for digital natives and savvy kids everywhere. Kids will want to experience this bold new adventure series through interactive play, role-playing and more, and it opens the door for other licensed consumer products, promotions and sponsorships to extend the opportunities for kids to engage with the brand.”

Zak Storm – Super Pirate has already released in some key territories around the globe, on Sony’s Pop in the UK—where it is a top five title for 2017.

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