Amazon releases Christmas ad campaign

Published on: November 13th, 2017

Online retailer’s campaign sees the recognisable brown boxes given a musical¬†makeover.¬†

In the 60 second advert, titled Give, a woman travelling by bus is seen ordering a Christmas gift for a young girl. The subsequent package, which sings the Rodger Hodgson anthem Give a Little Bit, is seen being sorted at a depot with a host of other singing parcels, before they are dispatched for delivery across the globe.

A 30 second advert dedicated to toys and games has also been released, which features a dad attempting to sneak the singing packages upstairs while his children are playing.

According to an experienced media advisor, Amazon has bought 8,600 (30″) Adult TVRs to the end of October 2017, so are well on course to go beyond 10,000 TVRs for the year.

Speaking exclusively to Toy World, the advisor commented: “This makes them a huge player in the conventional TV space, something that many might not fully realise.”

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