Big Potato to launch three new games at London Toy Fair

Published on: January 10th, 2017

Among the games will be the official First Dates board game.

bigpotato480Also to be unveiled will be The Chameleon by toy inventor Rikki Tahta, and Thunderbrain and the Colour Machines.

Twenty Twenty Television, the producers behind Channel 4’s cult primetime show First Dates, has commissioned Big Potato to create the official First Dates board game.

The emphasis is on great game play, and First Dates – The Game has been specially designed with the show’s core demographic in mind. Unlike many TV show-based games, this one is only loosely based on the hit show’s format. Twenty Twenty and Big Potato agreed that the game should stand alone as a great game, regardless of whether players have seen the show or not, and this has been key to its development.

First Dates – The Game sees players embark on fictional first dates in a restaurant. They are faced with some very awkward questions, which get increasingly risqué as the fictional meal moves from starter to dessert. Teams gain points by providing the same answer as each other, whilst fellow players eavesdrop and vote on the outcomes.

Combining quick-thinking, bluffing and mentality to create a social deduction game that’s easy to learn and addictive to play, The Chameleon will appeal to fans of sociable and accessible gateway titles such as Codenames, One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Spyfall.

Thunderbrain and the Colour Machines is the third trivia game to come from Big Potato – after Linkee (now licensed to John Adams in the UK) and Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout.

Like the previous quizzes, Thunderbrain has a twist. This time players are given the answers to all the questions before the start, they just have to work out which ones to use.

Players start with 11 colour cards in their hand. They are then asked a crafty question and must play one or more colour cards to answer it. Play the correct colour cards and you just need the other teams to make a mistake to walk off with the points.

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