Brainstorm launches games division

Published on: February 17th, 2017

igloo1The company continues its expansion with a brand new games division.

Brainstorm’s new games division will launch with four new games: Igloo Mania, Safe Breaker, Big Beard Battle and Dynamite Dare. It will also be backed by TV advertising as well as retail support and PR during Q4.

Igloo Mania features Parker Pete who balances precariously on top of the Igloo. Children can take turns to pull out slabs of ice and attempt to collect the highest value blocks to win. A steady hand is required – whoever makes the igloo crashes down is the loser.

In the Big Beard Battle game, players can test their memory as well as their beard growing skills. Players must pick up coloured pieces to see if they can grow the longest beard before someone cuts it off.

Safe Breaker and Dynamite Dare allow players to pit their wits against each game. Attempt to break the safe’s code and diffuse the stack of dynamite below it explodes.

“Our core values lie in STEM products that not only engage children but inspire parents to purchase,” said Debra Tiffany, marketing manager at Brainstorm. “Introducing a brand new games category has to sit alongside our existing lines while providing that all important fun factor. We are working with some brilliantly innovative companies to bring some totally original games to the UK and Q4 will be a really important time for us in terms of supporting each product via TV marketing and PR to drive sales.”

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