Toy World Team

  • John Baulch
  • Publisher and Managing Editor
  • 01442 502 408

Favourite toys: Thunderbirds (or any Gerry Anderson series), Striker (Football game from the 70s)
Sports team: Watford FC
Likes: Music/Singing, Football, a chilled NZ Sauvignon Blanc

I have over 30 years experience of working in the toy trade press, dating back to 1980, when I first joined Toy Trader magazine. In January 1983 I was head-hunted by the owner of Toys n Playthings, where I stayed until June 2011 (28 years – you get less time for murder!). Although I have launched numerous publications in other industries over the years, I have always enjoyed working with the toy and licensing trades more than any other I have been involved with. In 2011, I decided that the time was right to branch out and launch my own toy trade magazine: Toy World. 
I am looking forward to spending the rest of my career in the toy industry, and making Toy World indispensable reading for anyone connected with the toy trade.

  • Mark Austin
  • Advertisement Manager
  • 01442 502 405

Favourite toys: K-Nex, Meccano, Pogs! My eldest son’s favourite toys include VTech’s Toot Toot range (he loves it!), Gadget the robot, board games such as Destination Junior, Monopoly, and a number of Orchard Toys learning games. He loves Despicable Me!
Sports team: Manchester City, I’m a massive football fan, for a few years I have been a season card holder with my dad. I have to watch every game. I went through all of my school life being a laughing stock for supporting City, I don’t see them laughing now (mainly because I don’t see anyone from school, apart from a Leeds United fan who I feel sorry for!).
Likes: Spending time with my family and my boys Olly and Oscar.

With over 10 years in publishing, working across daily/weekly newspapers, monthly/bi-monthly magazines amongst a number of other platforms, the toy industry is by far my favourite, having two young children it is the perfect industry to be involved in.

  • Anita Baulch
  • Circulation & Financial Director
  • 01923 711 439

Favourite toys: my dolls Tiny Tears, Katy Copycat, Sindy & Pippa. Also boxed games, especially ones with lots of bits like Haunted House, On the Buses & Cluedo
Sports team: Err…there’s a note from my Mum here somewhere…
Likes: Good food and wine, music, reading, theatre – especially musicals. If I’m not here of an afternoon I’ve probably popped off to a matinee.

Upon graduating from Durham I worked first in store for Boots then at Head Office for Makro, both times heavily involved with the Toy Department.
At a Harrogate Toy Fair Function (you know how it is…) I met John. Reader, I married him and family life became my priority for a while. Now I am delighted to support him and the team in this exciting addition to toy industry publishing. Contact me to update your subscription or for any invoicing queries.

  • Jonika Kinchin
  • Assistant Editor
  • 01442502406

Favourite toys: Pokémon Cards, Barbie, Polly Pocket, Lego, Tiny Tears.
Sports team: : Is watching men play football a sport? Because if it is, I’m a pro.
Likes: Musical theatre, cats, sewing and crafting, going to Zumba classes (I’m practically a professional Salsa dancer now), and writing.

I graduated with a BA Hons degree in Journalism from the University of Bedfordshire in 2015, and although this is my first full time job in journalism, I interned and freelanced at Closer and Women’s Health magazine on their online teams, where I wrote features and daily news stories. I have also written features for websites such as GoThinkBig and interned at various local newspapers, which triggered my passion for writing and journalism.

  • Simon Morrison
  • Design and Production Manager
  • 01442 502 405

Favourite toys: My PS4, when I actually find the time to play it! Other than that, I love a good board game.
Sports team: I once was a ball boy for my home team of Dagenham. That was the beginning and end of my support for a sports team.
Likes: I really like eating food. As a fair-weather fisherman you’ll often find me by a lake or river during the warmer months. Family-time. Holidays. Beer. Food, oh and I love food.

A design veteran who has experience in nearly every field of design, Toy World is a fresh step back to editorial design. Having worked previously in a Design Management role for one of the big four retailers, Toys was one of the categories I managed and really enjoyed. I’m very happy to be part of the Toy World team and supporting the visual integrity of such an influential publication for the Toy Industry.

  • Salma Haidrani

Editorial Assistant

Favourite toys: Barbie, Peppa Pig, Minnie Mouse – the list is endless. Oh, and I’m close to completing the Yohoo & Friends collection – anything remotely bug-eyed unleashes my inner child.

Sports team: Does the tree pose count…?!

Likes: Crime thriller novels, theatre, international films and catching up on conspiracy theories while I keep the lights on and check the doors are locked.

I’m a London-based award-winning writer and journalist. My writing has appeared in a number of national magazines and newspapers and I have an MA in Journalism from City University London. I won Best Online Blog at the Asian Media Awards 2013 and recently scooped the Features award at the End Violence Against Women Media Awards. This might be my first foray into the toy industry, but I’m excited to move from a behind-the-scenes collector to immersing myself in editorial at the UK’s most trusted toy trade publication.