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American Girl to become available at Toys R Us US

Published on: October 25th, 2016

The retailer will open American Girl themed in-store shops across the US this weekend.

americangirl480For the first time, fans of the American Girl brand will be able to purchase items from the range at Toys R Us, as the retailer will roll out exclusives, events and experiences focusing on the brand.

The company will become the first US-based retailer to feature an American Girl shop when it opens at approximately 100 Toys R Us locations on Saturday.

“We are the only ones who can do this on such a large scale,” commented Toys R Us spokeswoman Nicole Hayes. “We have this ability to create this experience for our customers, and it’s a huge differentiating factor for us, which is obviously driving our business.”

As well as the American Girl brand, which is a division of Mattel, Toys R Us will feature other themed shops, such as one selling merchandise for hit films such as Trolls. The company also has plans for divisions of stores that will feature motion sensor lights, sound effects and video screens.

Toys R Us CEO, Dave Brandon, added: “The biggest change you are going to see over the next year is that we want to bring our stores to life.”

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