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Bob Iger defends his position on Trump advisory panel

Published on: March 9th, 2017

Activists call on the Disney CEO to step down.

bobiger480Disney CEO Bob Iger said he plans to stay on a presidential advisory panel after activists at the company’s AGM asked him to step down.

A representative of the Colorado People’s Alliance told Bob that his presence on the panel made it seem like he was endorsing President Donald Trump’s agenda.

“I happen to believe this company, as has this country, has benefited from an open and fair immigration policy,” he said in response to one of the activists. “I don’t happen to believe policies that single people out by religion are fair and just. That’s just one example of things that may come up.”

Bob responded to comments from investors on immigration and employee relations. There was also the more mundane, like replacing the paper towels with hand dryers in theme park bathrooms to help the environment.

He drew applause from investors at the meeting for his decision to stay on the panel.

“I thought he did an excellent job,” said Betsy Williams, a Disney shareholder from Cincinnati who has attended several AGMs. “Everybody needs to have a voice. You want somebody that has the president’s ear.”

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