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Disney CEO Bob Iger considering running for office

Published on: March 8th, 2017

mickey1111111He will remain at Disney’s helm until 2018.

Bob Iger, CEO and chairman of Disney, could be considering running for office in 2020. Iger said last summer that “a lot of people – a lot – have urged me to seek political office”.

“I will not be specific about any office,” Iger said last year. “I wouldn’t rule in or rule out… honestly, I’m interested in politics, I’m interested in giving back in some form, performing some sort of civic duty. But I’m not exploring a run for governor or senator or anything along those lines. I’m focused on running Disney.”

Bob, who has been at the helm of Disney for 11 years, has sought out guidance from Michael Bloomberg, who served as Mayor of New York City.

Having served as Disney CEO since 2005, Bob’s contract finishes in June 2017. However, there is no successor for Disney in sight. Just last month, he told analysts he was open to extending his term.

Though Bob hasn’t served in public office previously, former Vice President Al Gore has referred to Bob as one of his closest friends. They both serve on Apple’s board of directors. Bob has also participated in a committee advising Trump on business affairs.

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