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Eupheus Learning and Primo introduce Cubetto to India

Published on: November 9th, 2017

Cubetto is an award-winning coding solution without screens for children.

Cubetto is the first programming toy used by Montessori educators worldwide. It is designed and produced by Primo Toys, an award-winning startup that leverages technology to introduce 21st-century skills like coding, in early years without the use of screens.

The most crowdfunded educational technology invention in Kickstarter’s history, Cubetto is powered by a hands-on programming language designed specifically for children. It teaches the basics of computer programming and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) skills.

The Cubetto Playset consists of a friendly robot made of hard-wearing wood, a physical programming board, and a set of colorful coding blocks that make up a programming language kids can touch. This is based on research that confirms that children learn best through hands-on play.

Filippo Yacob, CEO, and founder of Primo Toys commented: “Cubetto encourages imagination and exploration into the world of programming. It provides gender-neutral play that boosts a child’s creativity, critical thinking, spatial awareness and communication skills. Like us, the Eupheus Learning team is also on a mission to encourage learning in kids through a differentiated approach and technology-driven tools. With their valuable experience in the Pre-K to 12 space, I feel we have just the right partnership we should be having in the Indian subcontinent.”

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