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Moose signs master toy distribution rights for Bush Baby World in USA and Canada

Published on: November 2nd, 2017

The brand will trade as Fur Babies World in North America, and will first hit retail in spring 2018.

On the back of the success that Golden Bear has been having with the Bush Baby World toy brand, a deal has now been agreed with Moose for toy distribution in the USA and Canada.

The range will be identical to the UK products, and the animation will be repurposed for the North American market.

Barry Hughes of Golden Bear commented: “We have been blown away by the interest in Bush Baby World internationally and are delighted to have a partner such as Moose in the US and Canada. We have been very impressed by their team and look forward to Fur Babies World hitting the North American shelves in early 2018.”

Moose Toys co-CEO Paul Solomon added: “This line is flying off the shelves in the UK. Kids in the US will be drawn to these cute, quirky characters and we can’t wait to share them with our fans in 2018. With brands like Shopkins and Little Live Pets, the team at Moose has shown that we know how to drive a hit toy line, and we are sure that the introduction of Fur Babies World will be no different.”

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