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Rubik’s Cube World Championship footage now available

Published on: August 9th, 2017

Competitors from the UK, USA, Australia and Germany participated in the Nations cup.

The final cut of the footage taken at the Rubik’s Cube World Championship 2017, held at the Dock Pullman, Paris, from Thursday 13th July to Sunday 16th July, is now available.

The championship, which drew 1,100 competitors from 67 countries, was won by Max Park from San Diego, CA, with a solving average of 6.85 seconds. On the final day of competition, the American surpassed the score of Seung Hyuk Nahm of Korea by a mere 0.17 seconds. Third place was taken by a second American, Lucas Etter, with an average solve time of 7.24 seconds. The top ten speedcubing competitors were all within two seconds of each other.

Meanwhile, the inaugural Rubik’s Nations Cup, which saw national teams of three cubers competing in relay, was won by Germany, with three Rubik’s Cubes solved in 25.71 seconds.

Ernő Rubik, 73, the Hungarian creator of the iconic Rubik’s Cube, attended the event, and commented: “In what some people call a digital world, it’s refreshing to see that the Rubik’s Cube continues to capture the imagination of people of all ages and cultures. When I first designed the Rubik’s Cube as a professor of architecture in Budapest, I simply wanted to encourage my pupils to think about spatial relationships. I certainly wouldn’t have imagined that, over forty years later, it would continue to entertain and perplex puzzle-solvers.”

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