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Toys R Us announces online revamp of its website

Published on: May 9th, 2017

Website revamp aims to win back customers who may have moved to retail rivals including Amazon.

Toys-R-Us-Logo480The new site will debut to a small number of users before a full rollout that is expected by early July. The revamp is part of a nearly $100 million investment by Toys R Us over the last three years that is geared toward jump-starting an e-commerce experience that it acknowledges lagged behind some of its retail peers.

Lance Wills, Toys R Us’ first global chief technology officer, commented: “The website really represents the front door of our brand. In a year to two years, we have to catch up on 10 years of innovation and that’s no small feat.’’ Lance also noted that more than 60% of the company’s customers visit its website before deciding to go to an actual store.

The makeover means that instead of constantly clicking through choices, customers can tap once on a category such as dolls or bicycles and be led to a fine-tuned list. Check out for basic purchases will shrink from at least five steps to two, and, for the first time, visitors to the baby registry will get notifications alerting them to a sale on bottle warmers or a stroller recall.

The new site features larger images along with streamlined menus that make it easier for shoppers to find items, and customers who are simply shipping items to an address, instead of asking for gift wrapping or another extra service, will be able to complete the purchase in two steps.

That pared down check-out can mean the difference between finalising a sale or losing a frustrated customer, Lance says.

Meanwhile, the Babies R Us registry is replacing its current, squint-worthy print with a dashboard that boldly displays details like the number of gifts already purchased for the parent-to-be. A new notifications tab will alert visitors when a requested gift has been discontinued, or more critically, when a baby monitor, crib or other item has been recalled.

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