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Zuru succeeds in US patent infringement action

Published on: November 30th, 2017

Legal action was taken against Telebrands and subsidiary, for infringement on Zuru’s Bunch O Balloons patents. 

A jury verdict in favour of plaintiffs Zuru and Tinnus Enterprises found that Telebrands Battle Balloon product line, including Balloon Bonanza HD and Battle Balloon Color Burst, willfully infringed US patents 9,315,282 and 9,242,749, covering Zuru Bunch O Balloons.

Zuru has been awarded lost profits and reasonable royalty damages to the amount of US$12.25m.

Anna Mowbray, Zuru’s chief operating officer, commented: “Zuru works diligently to bring innovation to market and to stand by its inventors. We are committed to continuously fighting what I believe are knock-off companies like Telebrands who try to undercut inventors and claim innovations as their own. We are confident that the US legal system will help us continue to send this message. Moreover, we are looking forward to an award of enhanced damages for a multiple on the US$12.25m based on the finding of Telebrands willful misconduct.”

Zuru has obtained three previous preliminary injunctions against Telebrands to bar US sales of its Battle Balloons, Balloon Bonanza, and Easy Einsteins products. Zuru has two additional cases against Telebrands, one involving the Balloon Bonanza and Easy Einsteins products.

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