2017 Perudo World Champion announced

Published on: 15th November 2017

The 28th championships took place at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) in London. 

Left to right: Richard Wells (MD, Paul Lamond), 2017 Champion Tom Scott, Cosmo Fry (inventor of Perudo), and runner up Charles Mellor.

Organised by Paul Lamond Games, the championship was an international affair, with players making the journey not only from the UK but also from around the globe.

Tom Scott, the founding Director of youth music charity, School Ground Sounds, ultimately beat runner up Charles Mellor to claim the traditional silver Perudo Cup and Dice trophy. The finalists used shrewd strategies in an attempt to outwit their fellow players, but it was Tom who held his nerve and skillfully bluff his way to the coveted title.

Tom commented: “Before I began School Ground Sounds I was a maths teacher. I’ve always had a knack for mental arithmetic from an early age – something that I’m sure helps with Perudo. I first played the game about 10 years ago whilst on holiday. Ever since that I’ve enjoyed playing it with family and friends. I come from a very competitive family where games are taken very seriously, and I’ll be back at the World Championships next year to defend the title.”

Richard Wells, managing director of Paul Lamond Games, believes the new format of the championship has been a success. “The passion and enthusiasm for the game is just incredible; Perudo is now more popular than ever. Both the new venue and new format for the championships, brought in to accommodate the volume of players, were exceptionally well received. It certainly was a top class evening with plenty of tension, excitement and of course fun.”



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