Exclusive: SES Creative gears up for 2021 following year of strong growth

Published on: 9th November 2020

Toy World spoke to Damien Collett, head of sales at SES Creative, UK & Ireland, to find out more about the company and what there is to look forward to in 2021.

SES Creative Damien Collett

SES Creative is a family run toy company that has been producing arts & crafts, pre-school and outdoor products since 1972, developing, designing and manufacturing all products in its bespoke 20,000m2 site in Holland. With the strength of soaring demand behind it, the company is set for further growth.

“We’re passionate about introducing children to the joys of crafting. Each year we aim to refresh a third of our range, ensuring we remain abreast of current trends and keep introducing new products for children to enjoy,” comments Damien. “As the manufacturer as well as the brand owner, quality and social responsibility are very important to us. We want to inspire kids of all ages to enjoy crafting, which is why SES is one of the few arts & crafts brands to offer paint and modelling dough suitable for kids aged one year and over. We continuously seek to innovate and develop new and exciting products for children to use in a fun, safe and educational way.”

With Covid-19 impacting the globe this year, more people have turned to arts, crafts and outdoor toys for at-home entertainment. Consequently, SES has witnessed a huge increase in demand across all its ranges, says Damien, with the biggest increase coming from products specifically aimed at 1-6-year olds. With a highly sought after range of products in the marketplace, Damien discusses how the company supports its new releases.

We support our products with a wide range of marketing activities,” he explains.” This includes TV, social media advertising, influencers, etc. Social media is extremely important for SES Creative, as it allows us to engage with the end user directly. We also work very closely with retailers to offer a wide variety of in store promotional displays. Our full range and all product content is also freely available to download via our partner website, allowing retailers to access assets in minutes for use on their websites.”

With Christmas just weeks away, we asked what the company has in store for 2021, following a year of strong growth.

“As usual, we will have an extensive range of new products for 2021 covering all our main product categories,” comments Damien. “We will continue to grow our under-6 product range to support the growth in this area, while our other product ranges will be refreshed to ensure they reflect current trends and offer something new and engaging. This year saw over 100 new products added to the range, and we introduced our new nursery range, Tiny Talents, as well. Next year will see yet more activity, as we continue to add to our ranges and create new product categories, to meet retailer and market requirements.”

Any retailers interested in finding out more should email the sales office at or call 01304 746 030.

Read the full Q&A with Damien in the November issue of Toy World, here.


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