Brainstorm prevents attempted scam

Published on: October 3rd, 2016

A person impersonating a valid trading company has attempted to obtain goods on credit.

brainstormscam-480Brainstorm Toys has contacted Toy World in order to warn the UK toy market of a potential act of fraudulence, something which often affects the toy trade in the run-up to the festive season. In this instance, a person claiming to represent Soho Cash and Carry has completed a credit application and submitted it to Brainstorm, along with a fake letterhead. In fact, the company Soho Cash and Carry does exist and Balvinder Bhara is an officer of that company. However, Brainstorm has determined that the person who approached them to obtain goods was not Balvinder, but somebody impersonating him and the company. It appears that the aim was to have goods delivered to another address not associated with the genuine business.

The scammer even set up an email address which is similar to the genuine email address of the company: the fake email was while the correct email addresses is

Brainstorm has been in touch directly with the genuine Soho Cash and carry company to warn them about the situation, and the attempted scam has also been reported to the police.

Brainstorm’s sales director Nick Saunders told Toy World: “I wondered if you could warn the trade generally to look out for this – I would hate for anybody to be caught out. I am always suspicious when companies approach us out of the blue wanting goods on credit.”

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