Zuru boosts holiday cheer with #FestiveFidget Secret Santa campaign

Published on: December 5th, 2017

Zuru has launched a global #FestiveFidget gifting and social media initiative with its Fidget Cubes by Antsy Labs.

Zuru is shipping #FestiveFidget stickered Fidget Cubes, including the very latest Series 1 Marvel and DC Cubes, Fidget Spinners and Tangles, to offices and charities throughout the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

To add to the fun, anyone sharing pictures of their Zuru fidget toys on Twitter or Instagram using #Zuru and #FestiveFidget will have a chance of winning a Santa Sack of Zuru toys worth £250.

Fidget Cube is specifically designed for restless hands to help people focus. The six-sided desk toy is equipped with an array of addictive features including five clicker buttons (two of which are silenced), a switch to flick up and down, and a side that gives the unusually satisfying gliding action of a gaming joystick. Zuru’s Original Fidget Cube, by Antsy Labs, is the only official Fidget Cube on the market.

Hannah Leeming, senior brand manger, commented: “Studies show that fidget toys help to reduce stress and anxiety, so with #FestiveFidget we want to help to restore holiday cheer to all lucky recipients at what can be a stressful time of year.”

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