Amazon shows strong growth in European toy sales

Published on: 23rd February 2018

Amazon’s sales in Germany grew by 42% in 2017, while in France toys sales grew by 78%.

In Europe, Toys is a major product group for Amazon, pulling in nearly €2b in sales between the company’s major localised sites in the UK, Germany and France. In market share terms, Toys is one of the few product groups in which Amazon is performing better in Europe than in the US, the company’s home market.

New data from One Click Retail has revealed that most of Amazon’s product groups in Europe earn roughly 20-30% of what they earn in America. For Toys, that number is over 50%.

Amazon’s penetration in Germany is especially impressive. The UK is Europe’s biggest toy market and in that country Amazon’s growth rate of 10% is consistent with the growth of the overall market. In Germany, where the toy market is about 20% smaller than in the UK, Amazon’s sales of Toys were 65% higher, and are growing at a much more rapid rate of 42% YoY.

Top toy categories in 2017 included Robotic Toys, Building Sets/Construction Toys, and Arts & Crafts, while the top brands were Anki, Lego, and VTech.

In 2017, Robotic Toys ranked among the top 5 bestsellers for each of Amazon’s three major European sites. Though total sales in this subcategory remain relatively small, the category leaders were some of the most popular Toys of 2017, led by the Anki Cozmo which was the No. 1 best-selling toy in both the UK and France.

Construction sets from Lego also rank highly, especially in Germany where each of the three best-selling toys are from Lego’s Technic line.


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