Andrew Brown sets the pace in Atlantic rowing race

Published on: 6th January 2012

Andrew Brown continues to astonish watchers in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge Rowing Race as he maintains a slim overall lead. 

Andrew’s father and Flair chairman, Peter Brown gave Toy World an update on his progress.

“He is clearly keen to make toy fair as he is now looking to set a world record for the fastest single-handed crossing of the Atlantic!

“After losing his first place to a fast two man boat in adverse weather conditions he has, day by day, clawed his way back into a tiny seven miles lead having covered over 2000 miles in some of the worst weather conditions ever experienced in the race. So far one boat has sunk and the crew picked up by a passing cruise liner. Two other teams have also been rescued while others have retired with lost or broken oars. The Army team of disabled soldiers, Row2Recovery hit the headlines this weekend when their desalinator packed up leaving them with drinking water to last just 10 days.

“Andrew is suffering from multiple open sores on his feet hands and backside and not having had more than two hours sleep at a time is exhausted both mentally and physically. Temperatures in his tiny cabin exceed 30C during the day and the damp sweaty environment has prompted a growth of green mould all round the cabin, which has attacked his PC as well.

“With his nearest rival just seven miles behind him he is under intense pressure as the finish line draws ever nearer. However a change in wind direction forecast for early next week will be pushing him away from Barbados so everything is set for punishing final few days.

Andrew and his boat, JJ, now have 517 nautical miles to the finish in Barbados

You can follow race updates on the link below – Andrew’s boat is called JJ in the list on this website:

In 1966 Sir Chay Blyth and John Ridgeway performed their legendary open-boat row across the Atlantic Ocean in English Rose III. The trip took 92 days and it laid the foundation fOR of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge of 2011.

Rowers have to cope with blisters, salt rashes, sleep deprivation and rowing in two-hour shifts around the clock for weeks on end.

Boats are seven meters long and just under two metres wide, with only a small cabin for protection against storms. All boats are equipped at the race start, and cannot take any repair, help or food and water during the crossing.

ANDREW’S ATLANTIC CHALLENGE from Talisker Whisky on Vimeo.


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