AniMagic magazine scheduled for Spring 2014

Published on: 4th October 2013

Vivid has announced its recent partnership with DJ Murphy Publishers to produce a dedicated AniMagic magazine, in conjunction with Vivid’s special feature plush brand and new sub-brand AniMagic Rescue Hospital.Animagic-Logo-FINAL300

The first issue will go on sale in Spring next year and will feature activities, stories and competitions around the AniMagic brand. Aimed primarily at girls aged 4-8, this monthly magazine will target all key retail groups as well as independent retailers.

Kerry Paternoster, Vivid’s senior brand manager, said: “The AniMagic magazine is hugely exciting for the brand and will form an important part of our marketing strategy for 2014 and beyond. The sampling opportunity with the magazine is a perfect platform for the launch of AniMagic Rescue Hospital and really getting the brand into the hands of our target consumer.”

Zoe Cannon, DJ Murphy’s Publisher , added: “We are delighted to be associated with this high-profile brand. AniMagic Magazine slots very neatly into our publishing portfolio, which includes Pony magazine for pre-teen girls and The Trash Pack magazine targeted at primary boys. I have no doubt that this exciting new title will receive an enthusiastic welcome from all the main magazine retailers.”

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