Cash from chaos…it’s the Friday Blog!

It was great to see so many of the great and good of the toy community come together for this week’s BTHA Industry Day. Continuing the theme from every post-pandemic industry gathering I have attended thus far, everyone seemed delighted to be out and about, mingling with their peers and colleagues once more.

It was good that so many managed to carve time out of their busy schedules, during not just a busy part of the year, but also a period when curveballs are being tossed left, right and centre with alarming frequency. Being away from the desk right now means risking something big blowing up and you not being there to address it. Not that anyone was discussing confidential or commercially sensitive information with competitors, but with the whole toy community facing similar challenges, it can sometimes be reassuring to be amongst people who are exactly in the same boat as you.

As ever, the BTHA had gathered a line-up of fascinating speakers for the attendees’ listening pleasure: broadcasting legend Sir Trevor McDonald was as compelling as you might have expected. I was particularly intrigued by his admission that he ‘drew the line’ at interviewing former President Trump, having been happy to previously sit down with the likes of Colonel Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein. I also appreciated his tales of the complexities of setting up meetings with the aforementioned ‘leaders’: I feel his pain, having experienced similar labyrinthine process to secure interviews with some senior licensing executives in the past. I’ve also become accustomed to PR people hovering in the corner, but at least they haven’t taken to toting Kalashnikovs (yet…).

The first presenter, KPMG’s Don Williams, had a bit more to say that is relevant to the Blog’s audience. It is important to caveat some of his observations – the Big 4 accounting firms have a vested interest in promoting the theory that the business environment is in a state of perpetual turmoil and upheaval. They literally make cash from chaos – no-one tends to engage their services if business is just ticking along nicely.

However, I felt he made some very valid observations that are worth sharing for those who weren’t present. First up, Don predicted rising inflation and a subsequent increase in interest rates next year – and I suspect few would disagree with that prognosis. Along with the impending increases in taxes and national insurance, plus rising fuel, gas and electricity prices, this all points to the likelihood of a fall in disposable income for many consumers. All consumer goods markets have benefited from many customers having more disposable income over the past 18 months, but unfortunately the pendulum looks poised to swing the other way next year.

Don also pointed out that general retail spending would not return to pre-Covid levels until ’23, which shows just how remarkable the performance of the toy market has been over the past two years – we are way ahead of the general retail curve. However, the reduction in disposable income will herald some changes: according to Don, that is likely to include an increase in insolvencies (which in traditional Big 4 fashion he lauds as a positive thing for business as a whole, presenting opportunities for other companies to capitalize on), along with some big decisions for suppliers and retailers to take when it comes to pricing. Good can come of it – I loved his description of large retailers weaning themselves off the ‘drug’ of using discounts to drive volume. I was also intrigued by the conundrum of whether ‘just in time’ should be replaced by ‘just in case’, focusing less on how cheaply something can be manufactured and more on the optimal cost of putting a product in the hands of the consumer.

I appreciate that retail pricing is a highly complex and nuanced conversation, especially when you factor in the rise in online sales, with the inevitable challenges faced by brick-and-mortar retailers in competing on a far-from-level playing field. Every supplier and retailer is currently grappling with the thorny question of how far to increase prices and at what level a price increase starts to negatively impact rate of sale. But with supply chain issues likely to continue well into next year – both from a pricing and capacity perspective – it’s clearly going to be a source of lively debate over Toy Fair Season.

On the subject of supply chain issues, the shipping industry – another group of people gleefully making cash from chaos right now – appears to have turned on itself this week. Shipping owner Maersk is apparently considering cutting out freight forwarders and dealing directly with larger shippers. Allegedly, Maersk is unhappy that some forwarders have been taking contract rates – around $4,000/feu from Asia to Europe – and reselling the slots to customers for $20,000/feu. One industry source was quoted as saying: “That’s $16,000 Maersk is losing, so the line is looking to punish the forwarders.” Essentially, it seems that suppliers and retailers are now in the middle of a fierce ‘who is the greediest’ competition – I just hope it doesn’t get too ugly. I read a story a few weeks ago about the existence of scalpers in the shipping market – but it didn’t occur to me that legitimate freight forwarders were the ones being accused of doing the scalping.

I am sad to report that industry stalwart Tony Strodder passed away this week. A hugely popular toy community figure of the 80s and 90s, Tony worked closely with David Lipman for many years, before he went on to run his own successful toy business. He also used to organise the legendary toy trade cricket matches and was universally known as a thoroughly decent bloke. A lifelong Leeds fan and proud Yorkshireman, Tony had been battling a brain tumour for some while, but stayed in touch with many from the toy trade via social media. I am sure I can speak for his many industry friends and colleagues when I say his was a life well-lived, and he will be sorely missed.

Finally, a heads-up for those planning their ’22 diaries – after much discussion, Distoy has settled on its dates for next year, which will be 17th-20th May. Identifying clear dates proved to be tricky, with the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations and the Las Vegas Licensing Expo both falling on weeks which had potentially been earmarked by organizer David Potter. The chosen dates do clash with the Toymaster Show in Harrogate, although there is relatively minimal crossover between the two visitor profiles. It’s going to be a heck of a busy week (and month) for us though! Mind you, what’s new…

Mattel unveils healthy set of Q3 results

Results show that strong sales increases in EMEA, North America and Latin America offset declines in Asia-Pacific as a result of temporary retail closures.

Ynon Kreiz, chairman and CEO of Mattel, said: “This was another strong quarter for Mattel, with increased consumer demand for our products and results exceeding expectations.”

The latest set of results reveal that, for the third quarter, Mattel’s Net Sales were up 8% as reported, and 7% in constant currency, versus last year. Reported Operating Income was $389m, an increase of $10m, while Adjusted Operating Income was $401m, an improvement of $4m. Over the first nine months of 2021, Net Sales were up 24% as reported, and 22% in constant currency, versus the first nine months of 2020. Reported Operating Income was $472m, an increase of $285m.

Overall, POS grew high single digits, with strength in North America, EMEA, and Latin America more than offsetting the impact of temporary retail closures in several countries in Asia-Pacific. Net Sales in the North America segment increased 12%, while Net Sales in the International segment increased 2% as reported and were flat in constant currency.

Worldwide Gross Billings for Dolls were $720m, up 4% as reported, driven by growth in Barbie, Spirit and Polly Pocket, while for Infant, Toddler and Pre-school they were $407m, flat as reported, primarily due to a decline in Fisher-Price and Thomas & Friends, partially offset by growth in Power Wheels. Vehicles hit $390m, up 6% as reported, primarily driven by growth in Hot Wheels, while Action Figures, Building Sets, Games and Other were $446m, up 26% as reported, primarily driven by growth in Action Figures (including Jurassic World, Masters of the Universe and WWE), Plush and Building Sets (including Mega), partially offset by a decline in Games.

The results also show that, based on NPD data looking at market share by region in the third quarter, Mattel gained 31 basis points in EMEA. Furthermore, according to The NPD Group Retail Tracking Service / EU5 (UK FR GE IT SP), Mattel was up 2.7% in the third quarter, when the Total Industry declined by -0.7%. The same service found that Barbie was the number 1 property in the Doll category in Q3 and YTD 2021 in Europe, increasing 11.2%, and that Hot Wheels was the number 1 property in the Vehicles category in Q3 and YTD 2021. In Q3, Hot Wheels was up 18.8% , while the Vehicles category grew 2.9%. .

Commenting on the results, Ynon Kreiz added: “We successfully navigated ongoing global supply chain disruption, achieved sales growth and, per The NPD Group, continued to gain market share. We expect to grow for the balance of the year and have a strong holiday season. Our strength is foundational and broad-based, and we are on a clear path to improve profitability and accelerate top line growth. The Mattel team continues to execute on our strategy, and we are operating as an IP-driven, high-performing toy company.”

The latest figures follow Mattel reporting a healthy set of second quarter 2021 financial results in July this year, which saw sales top $1b, beating analysts’ estimates for the period.


ICTI ETP launches upgraded website

The refreshed website will have a brand-new look & user-friendly features, bringing ESG tips and the latest trends to users’ fingertips.

ICTI’s new landing page, with ‘go to’ buttons and easy Connect & Supplier Lookup navigation bar

ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) is the specialist responsible sourcing programme for the toys and children’s products industry.

IETP understands the importance of transparency and the need to provide clear information regarding responsible manufacturing in global supply chains. The organisation says this is why it has invested to refresh its website and ensure the new look and navigation enables users to access the information they need easily.

“We have now launched our new website which has been designed to communicate our purpose, benefits, programmes and services more clearly,” a spokesperson told Toy World. “The refreshed website ( is part of our technology investment programme which is ensuring IETP is utilising the latest technology to provide our members with the information they need.  Technology at IETP is enabling our members to access supplier audits, assessments and development plans, access insights from direct engagement with manufacturing workers and find new, ready to go, suppliers.”

The new website has new user-friendly features which makes it much easier for different users to navigate, ensuring key information, such as the Supplier Lookup tool & Connect Platform login, and the full range of programmes and services, are in easy-to-find locations.

Information about IETP’s programme and key milestones are proudly featured on the landing page and throughout the website.

The new landing page provides a better user experience, designed to enable users to find the information they need.  For example, the new ‘Go to Buyer’ & ‘Go to Supplier’ navigation buttons make finding the relevant information much easier.

“We have also introduced new designs and additional pages which highlight key information, communicate our purpose and celebrate our programme’s milestones,” said IETP. “We will continue to update our new website, so keep checking in.”

IETP’s new Buyer & Supplier feature boxes breakdown the advantages of its programme for all users

IETP offers a range of programmes and services to meet buyers and suppliers needs at different stages of their sustainability journey, and the website shares information on them all, explaining the business benefits they bring, and the different combinations that can multiply a company’s impact and reach.

Readers are invited to head to the website and explore the exciting new features for themselves.

You can read more about the work of IETP here.

Mattel announces multi-category Lightyear collection

The licensing agreement with Disney for Lightyear, the origin story of Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear, will see product at retail from June 2022.

Mattel has announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement for Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear, the origin story of Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. The new deal follows Mattel and Disney’s existing licensing agreements, which include the Toy Story and Cars franchises.

“At Mattel, we treat our licensors’ properties as if they were our own,” commented Richard Dickson, president and chief operating officer at Mattel. “For more than 15 years, Mattel has collaborated with Disney and Pixar to bring the amazing content to life with innovative products and marketing initiatives. We are excited to further that collaboration by introducing a line of toys and play experiences for fans of all ages to enjoy, to infinity and beyond.”

Mattel’s new Lightyear collection is slated to launch at retailers worldwide from June 2022. Under the terms of the agreement, Mattel will have global licensing rights (excluding Japan) to develop a line of toys for the franchise, including action figures, playsets, role play, vehicles, pre-school, games, plush, value figures, novelty and more.

“We’re thrilled to further our ongoing collaboration with Mattel and bring even more products and experiences to life that delight millions of fans around the world through Pixar Animation Studios’ unique brand of storytelling,” added Josh Silverman, executive vice president, global third-party commercialization, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. “With Lightyear, there is an incredible opportunity to celebrate everyone’s favorite space ranger, along with a new cast of characters, through new and exciting toys, play experiences and more.”

Lightyear, which is Pixar’s first ever spin-off movie, features the voice of Chris Evans as the ‘real-life’ character that inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy and reveals how a young test pilot became the space ranger that we know him to be today. The film is scheduled to be released in cinemas from June 17th, 2022.

The Very Group reports record revenue

The Very Group says the impressive results, which include continued profit growth, were driven both by sales and by new customer acquisition.

The Very Group has announced its full year results for the year ended 3rd July 2021. Retail sales were up 24.9% to £1,535.6m, driving 13% group revenue growth to a record £2,317.1m. The group also reported that Very customers increased 12.4% to 3.82m, boosting group customers by 7.6% to 4.82m. Group profit before tax was £81.7m, up 68.8% on the prior year, reflecting increased Very retail sales and improved cost management. The group finished the year in strong financial health, with underlying operating cash flow of £245m.

CEO Henry Birch commented: “I am pleased to report outstanding Group performance, including record revenue, continued profit growth and strong cashflow generation.”

The group credited its performance in large part to significant customer experience improvements, including the introduction of AI-powered chatbot, Very Assistant, which now handles 268,000 queries monthly after being added to the Very website. Other customer service improvements included extending order cut off for next day delivery from 7pm to the industry-leading time of 10pm. App sales were up 45% year-on-year boosted by a more personalised, intuitive app experience.

The CEO also paid tribute to the group’s colleagues, adding: “Through their dedication, adaptability and ingenuity, they consistently delivered for our customers while adjusting to new ways of working, with many facing personal tests.”

The Very Group has strengthened its executive team with the appointment of former BBC technology director Matt Grest as chief information officer and is soon to welcome Robbie Feather, former CEO of Fenwick, to the business as retail managing director.

Henry Birch added: “The current environment is not without challenge, but our pandemic experience has shown us that our multi-category offer, combining leading brands with our Very Pay platform, is relevant to an increasingly wide number of customers. We are in good shape to face any future uncertainty, and remain confident that we are well positioned to take advantage of a market and customer behaviour that is moving towards our model.”

The Very Group operates online retail brands, and

BLE announces exclusive retailer content

The content will include five sessions exploring ‘What’s Next’ at retail and involve speakers from George at Asda and Hasbro.

Gary Pope, Jade Snart and Julia Redman.

Brand Licensing Europe has announced exclusive retailer content for this year’s event including five live sessions in the Retail Trends Lounge delivered by George at Asda and Hasbro, Kids Industries, The Insights Family, Black Lives Matter Licensing Movement and Julia Redman and Nextail Labs. The event takes place in person from 17th-19th November at Excel London and visitors can register for free here.

The Retail Trends Lounge programme was introduced to help retailers make the most of the opportunities that licensing can offer, and they are invited to use the space to also host meetings off the show floor. It will be returning this year as part of BLE’s ‘What’s Next’ theme to bring retailers exclusive sessions about the future of brands and innovation at retail to create a unique, immersive shopping experience.

Anna Knight, VP of Licensing, Informa Markets, said: “BLE brings together all the latest trends from the world of brands, entertainment and pop-culture under one roof and is a great place for retailers to identify future trends and brands their customers will love.”

All five sessions, plus the live final of the Kelvyn Gardner License This! competition (which is open to all), will be recorded and available to all attendees to watch on-demand as part of the BLE virtual follow-up running from 30th November – 1st December. They are:

Wednesday 17th November:

  • 9.30–10am: A Future Forecast 2022 – Nick Richardson, Founder and CEO The Insights Family.
  • 12.30-1.00pm: The importance of diversity & inclusion in Licensing – Saphia Maxamed, Founder, Black Lives Matter Licensing Movement.

Thursday 18th November:

  • 9.30-10am: Plant with Peppa @ Asda – Catrina O’Brien, Retail Development Director, UK, Europe & Asia Licensing, Hasbro, and Jade Snart, Sustainability and Compliance Expert, George at Asda.
  • 12-12.30pm: Agility and Creativity in Omni-Channel Retail – Julia Redman, Owner, Buyers Eye, Buying & Sourcing Consultancy and James Mooney, Brand Adviser, Nextail Labs.

Friday 19th November:

  • 10-10.30am: Families, experiences and the importance of toys – Gary Pope, Co-Founder and CEO, Kids Industries.

The BLE Sustainability Activation, in partnership with Products of Change, will also feature highly relevant content for retailers as it inspires attendees towards a more sustainable future through product showcases from industry pioneers.

Anna Knight added: “BLE is hosting brilliant content for retailers both in person and online. For those attending in-person, we invite them to discover What’s Next in retail by joining the trend sessions, visiting the Sustainability Activation and also walking the show floor to gain inspiration from the thousands of products on display and see how brands could fit into their future product ranges. Attendees are also invited to the two sponsored bars by Crunchyroll and Motul to experience first-hand how brands can come to life to create truly meaningful customer experiences. We will be hosting complimentary ‘Welcome Back’ drinks in those bars from 5-7pm on day one in partnership with Licensing International and everyone is invited to come along.”

Participants from BLE’s Retail Mentoring Programme will also be at the show. The CPD-accredited programme that consists of seminars, workshops and 1-2-1 consultancy sessions to help retailers make more informed decisions when negotiating licensing deals and discovering new brand partners, has seen a record number of delegates from retailers (84) including Maqio, Merlin Entertainments, RSPCA, The Hut Group, Vanilla Underground, Marks & Spencer, Selfridges, Halfords, Asda George, Tesco, Home Bargains, Matalan, Next, M&Co, The Entertainer and Morrisons.

For more on the show, visit the website here or read our exclusive preview interview with Anna Knight here.


The NPD Group to be acquired by Hellman & Friedman

NPD says the partnership with the private equity firm will continue and accelerate its momentum and long track record of success.

The NPD Group has announced that Hellman & Friedman, a premier global private equity firm, has made a binding offer and entered into an exclusive agreement to acquire NPD subject to conditions below. NPD executive chairman Tod Johnson and CEO Karyn Schoenbart would retain a minority stake in the business and continue to serve on the NPD board of directors.

“As a leading source of market information and advisory services for general merchandise and foodservice, NPD is committed to helping our clients and the industries we serve achieve data-driven growth for many years to come,” said Tod Johnson. “H&F shares our focus on long-term growth and has the resources and expertise to not only continue, but also accelerate, NPD’s momentum and long track record of success. Both Karyn and I are delighted to have the opportunity to partner as minority investors alongside H&F as we work in close collaboration on a long-term strategic plan and transition over time to the next generation of NPD leadership.”

“In a period of rapid change, NPD has helped guide our clients with omnichannel data, industry expertise and analytics to help them understand unprecedented market shifts,” added NPD CEO Karyn Schoenbart. “It has been exciting to play an increasingly important role in the strategies of our clients by providing insight into what is happening today and what to anticipate in the future.  We expect H&F to continue our tradition of client partnership and innovation with new products, data sources and next generation platforms to make our information even more comprehensive, accessible and actionable.”

“Trusted by more than 2,000 customers in 19 countries, NPD is a market leader in its categories with an outstanding value proposition for customers and retailers. Tod and Karyn have led the company to great heights, and we look forward to working closely with them to build on this strong momentum,” said Philip Hammarskjold, Executive Chairman of H&F.

Founded in 1966, NPD is currently the eighth largest market research company worldwide, with operations in the Americas, Europe and APAC, covering more than 20 industries. Over the years, NPD has introduced numerous industry innovations in both traditional and digital research methodologies. These include launching the first point-of-sale tracking services for general merchandise sectors, developing the in-home scanning technology used by many research companies around the world today, pioneering online surveys, introducing the breakthrough digital measurement methodology that powered Media Metrix and building the first receipt-based market measurement system.

Following completion of the notification and consultation process with NPD’s employee-works council, as required by law, the transaction is expected to close by the end of 2021, subject to the entry into the definitive sale agreement and satisfaction of the conditions set forth.


Lisle Licensing boosts commercial team to support growth

The team is looking forward to introducing the new commercial & retail manager and commercial assistant to licensors, retailers and licensees at BLE.

Deborah Haigh and Katie Moran.

Leeds-based agency Lisle Licensing has seen an uplift in new client business and increased licensing activity throughout 2021, after celebrating its ten-year anniversary last year. As Lisle Licensing looks to the future, two new commercial team members have joined the agency to support the company’s ongoing growth.

Deborah Haigh joined as commercial & retail manager at the beginning of October in a role where she will work alongside Francesca and Colin with key account management at both licensee and retail level. In particular she will work closely on new brands including the Style sisters and Kate Smith Co.

Deborah joins Lisle Licensing with a career roster that spans retail operations, client and business management. Having worked with blue-chip brands including Asda, Tui and Jazz FM, she brings with her an enviable insight into both client and operational functions.

A new role of commercial assistant has been introduced into the business structure to support the senior team. Lisle Licensing has appointed Katie Moran into this role with immediate effect. With three years administrative experience and liaison with external suppliers, she will be key in ensuring the smooth-running of the business. Katie will work closely with licensees on their product launches as well as coordinating marketing and brand activities.

Commenting on the appointments, Francesca Lisle said: “I’m delighted that we have two exceptionally skilled executives joining our commercial team, who also bring with them a passion for our client portfolio, can-do attitudes and a sense of fun. After all, our industry isn’t just about doing great business, but being immersive across all areas, and networking. I look forward to introducing them in-person to licensors, retailers and licensees at BLE next month.”

Spin Master Ventures set up to accelerate growth through investment

Spin Master says investment in leading ventures with promising ideas will increase access to potentially game-changing thinking and concepts.

Spin Master has announced the creation of Spin Master Ventures (SMV) with a focus on accelerating growth in each of the company’s three creative centres comprising Toys, Entertainment and Digital Games, through strategic minority investments. SMV’s investment mandate will be centred on medium and long-term trends including emerging technologies, pioneering services and other areas where Spin Master’s offering can be strengthened.

“We’ve always stayed true to our entrepreneurial DNA based on innovation, openness to ideas, partnerships and pushing boundaries,” commented Ronnen Harary, Spin Master’s co-founder and board chair. “The pace of innovation within the toys, entertainment and digital games industries is accelerating rapidly and by investing with a long-term view in leading ventures with promising ideas, we can increase our access to potentially game-changing thinking and concepts. Spin Master Ventures will establish us as the partner of choice for entrepreneurs looking for capital to start and grow a business in the kids’ space and will complement our acquisition strategy as well as bolster our product development pipeline.”

SMV will be led by experienced industry veterans, and Spin Master will initially allocate $100m to the project, funded from existing internal resources. SMV’s strategy will comprise minority investments and will include both early-stage companies, with investments in new teams and novel ideas, as well as providing growth capital to emerging business that have proven product and market fit. SMV’s geographic focus will be global, but is initially expected to be North American and Europe-centric.

To launch the initiative, SMV has made minority investments in two companies aligned with Spin Master’s growth plans within the Digital Games creative centre. Nørdlight is a mobile game development company based in Stockholm which has delivered some of the largest grossing mobile digital games in history and will help accelerate Spin Master’s strategy of monetizing its owned IP in the digital games space.

The second investment is in Hoot Reading, an online tutoring service that provides children with live, 1:1 reading lessons with experienced teachers via a video chat platform that allows for real-time on-screen collaboration between child and teacher. Hoot Reading aims to help as many kids as possible to become not only proficient, but excellent readers.

“Establishing Spin Master Ventures enables Spin Master to work with extraordinary companies and teams, providing them with capital and access to our deep knowledge and expertise to drive their ideas and businesses forward,” added Anton Rabie, Spin Master’s co-founder and director. “Spin Master Ventures aims to become the ultimate partnership generator, a tool for widening the company’s networks, knowledge and relationships. By partnering with these entrepreneurs, we can bolster our leadership position within the children’s entertainment industry.”

More information can be found at

Disney revises release schedule for upcoming movies

Disney claims that the scheduling overhaul is related to production matters rather than box office returns.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Delays have been announced to the release dates for Doctor Strange 2, Thor 4, the Black Panther Sequel and Indiana Jones 5.

Disney has moved Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness from March 25th to May 6th next year, Thor: Love and Thunder from May 6th to July 8th and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever from July 8th to November 11th. This is alongside the Black Panther sequel jumping to November, The Marvels being postponed to early 2023 and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania moving from to July 2023.

Along with a complete rescheduling of its Marvel releases, Disney has moved the fifth Indiana Jones installment back nearly a year. The still-untitled film is now slated to open in June 2023, instead of July 2022.

The scheduling overhaul is reported to be related to production rather than box office returns, with the next Black Panther movie still filming in Atlanta and any production delay to a title in the Marvel universe causing a domino effect on the rest of the franchise.

Indiana Jones filming was put on hold after Harrison Ford sustained a shoulder injury on set in June, requiring the actor to take a break from filming. Production continued without the title character for some time, but many key scenes were obviously delayed.

Four untitled 2023 movies from Marvel have also been removed from the calendar, while one untitled Marvel movie has relocated from November 2022 to November 2023.

Disney has reaffirmed its commitment to the big screen with movies on schedule for the rest of 2021 set to play exclusively in cinemas for 45 days before moving to digital platforms. However,  plans for 2022 and beyond have not been confirmed.

See the updated release calendar below:

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness moves from 3/25/22 to 5/6/22.

Thor: Love and Thunder moves from 5/6/22 to 7/8/22.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever moves from 7/8/22 to 11/11/22.

Untitled Indiana Jones moves from 7/29/22 to 6/30/23.

Untitled Disney Live Action (originally 7/14/23) is removed from schedule.

The Marvels moves from 11/11/22 to 2/17/23.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania moves from 2/17/23  to 7/28/23.

Untitled Marvel (originally 7/28/23) is removed from schedule.

Untitled Marvel (originally 10/6/23 is removed from schedule.

Untitled 20th Century (originally 10/20/23) is removed from schedule.

Untitled Marvel (originally 11/10/23) moves to 11/3/23.