Baby Annabell celebrates launch of new Lunch Time range

Published on: 22nd October 2019

Baby Annabell has partnered with Annabel Karmel, best-selling author and family food expert, to celebrate the launch of its brand new Lunch Time range.

Baby Annabell has collaborated with celebrity food expert Annabel Karmel. As part of the collaboration the brands have worked together to create five recipes, designed to enthuse children about cooking and making healthy choices. They include crispy veggie fritters, mini puff pastry pizza faces and chocolate, orange and courgette cake.

For the Halloween season, the duo have also teamed up to create two Halloween recipes. The Halloween monster chicken burgers and alien apple and pumpkin muffins are fun to make and packed with wholesome ingredients.

Annabel Karmel said: “I’m always looking for new and fun ways to keep children engaged and interested in healthy eating and making the right choices when it comes to food so the partnership with Baby Annabell makes complete sense, aligning with a brand that wants to promote the same thing. The new Lunch Time range from Baby Annabell is great fun and little ones will love it – it’s a brilliant way of introducing children to food groups and healthy options as they learn what Baby Annabell likes to eat. We hope families will love the recipes we’ve created, which are quick and simple to make together and help mums and dads in finding that special time to spend with their children over the holidays, weekends and evenings after work.”

The new Lunch Time range follows a realistic play pattern and helps children understand daily routines with play around mealtimes. The range includes the Lunch Time Table, a feeding chair and table for Baby Annabell, and includes interactive play elements. With three main meals, three dessert options and three choices of drink flavours, the table lights up and makes lunch time sounds so children can find out what Baby Annabell’s favourite food is. Also in the range is the Lunch Time Set with five accessories, including a no-spills bib shirt, a spoon, fork, cup and plate all in special lamb designs.

Kasia Leskow, marketing manager for Baby Annabell UK, said: “Baby Annabell has been in families’ homes for over two decades and is a much loved brand throughout the UK, which is why we have collaborated with Annabel Karmel, who is also loved by parents across the country. We are always looking for ways to help children develop skills as they grow and the new Lunch Time range from Baby Annabell offers a new, fun way for children to start understanding the choices they have with food – the recipes are a brilliant way to bring this all together.”


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