Baby born launches new campaign: Dolls are for Everyone

Published on: 2nd July 2019

Through a series of short campaign videos, Baby born aims to inspire parents and celebrate imaginative play. 

Baby born has launched its new campaign Dolls are for Everyone, through a series of short videos which reveal an insight into children’s imagination through funny and candid content. The campaign aims to inspire both boys and girls to develop their nurturing skills through playing with dolls, and encourages parents to celebrate imaginative play with children regardless of gender and background.

The campaign was born out of a belief by the brand that play with dolls encourages children to play and learn independently. Baby born also feels that it is beneficial to the development of children who – through role play – can see themselves in important roles in the future, such as a teacher, doctor or parent. The campaign aims to highlight that play with dolls is key for development for children of any gender. It showcases a nurturing side of boys which may not always be encouraged to develop.

The videos capture a funny and innocent approach by children struggling to make sense of adult life and explain day to day routines. In another humorous shot, one young boy also attempts to change Baby Born’s nappy by placing the baby face down.

Kasia Leskow, marketing manager for Zapf Creation UK, said: “We had so much fun filming the content with the kids and laughing about the funny things they came up with when using their own imaginations. We can see that children are picking up on everything their parents do and say, but don’t quite have the details nailed.”


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