Best-selling game Atmosfear to be relaunched

Published on: 7th August 2018

Hijinx Toys announced at San Diego Comic Con that, Atmosfear, one of the best selling games of its time, will be relaunched in 2019.

The original Atmosfear.

A game played for 3-6 players, Atmosfear challenges players to move around a board using playing pieces. However, a ghoulish video host, The Gatekeeper, randomly appears throughout the game to shout instructions and insults at players. His taunts, along with a building soundtrack of music and storm effects create chaos as players try to collect six playing pieces and make their way to the centre of the board – where they must face their greatest fear.

Norma Rosenhain, CEO Hijinx Toys, commented: “The original from 1991 was a true game changer in terms of bringing board games to a new market via VHS and DVD. We are relaunching Atmosfear for the digital age, and are so excited for its launch in 2019.”

Phil Tanner from A Couple of Cowboys, the IP owner of Atmosfear, commented: “The game originally sold over 3m units at retail and is one of those games that people have wanted to re-release. We are so happy to be teaming with Hijinx for this and the subsequent follow up games, and look forward to what they can do to get new gamers to face their fears.’’

Creata Centa is currently in discussions regarding who will distribute the relaunched game across various territories.

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