Big Potato game Muffin Time hits £10k on Kickstarter in less than an hour

Published on: 16th August 2019

Less than 24 hours later, the total had reached over £140,000 and is still climbing.

The asdfmovie-themed card game is being published by Big Potato Games in partnership with Turbo Punch. Brand new party game Muffin Time is the latest creation from Turbo Punch, the creative masterminds behind the ultra-popular asdfmovie series. Thomas Ridgewell, also known as ‘TomSka’, cut the virtual ribbon by releasing a video across all his social platforms, resulting in a massive stampede of backers.

The Kickstarter campaign features four tiered rewards, each one better than the last. The base Muffin Time game can be backed for £15, whilst the top-tier £30 package will reward the backer with the full game, both expansion packs and a massive collection of Kickstarter-exclusive goodies. Backers can expect to receive their games by March 2020 at the latest.

The asdfmovie series is a collection of short animated videos starring anything from skateboarding cows to cute-but-suicidal muffins and has been viewed over 500 m times. The muffin itself went viral after the Muffin Song was released in 2018, and now it’s making a dramatic return in the new card game.

Big Potato’s Nat Aves was in charge of managing the Kickstarter: “I was so excited to be involved in the process and the launch was amazing. We all stood around a tiny laptop screen in the Big Potato office and were cheering as we watched the numbers creep up. It’s definitely been worth it – even if I’ve had the Muffin Song stuck in my head for over a year.”

Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell added: “We played a lot of Big Potato games and had a lot of fun doing it, so we knew they’d be a cool publisher to work with. It’s amazing to hold something in our hands that only existed in our heads a year ago.”

To see what all the fuss is about, or to learn how to play Muffin Time, click here.


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