Big Potato releases new party game Herd Mentality

Published on: 16th July 2020

Herd Mentality is easy to learn and quick to play, ideal for family games night, drinks with friends or to play over Zoom.

Big Potato Herd Mentality

Big Potato Games has just released brand new, super-simple party game, Herd Mentality. In this game, players have to think like the herd and write down the exact same answers as the other players. If an answer is in the majority, the player is rewarded with a cow token. If it’s the odd one out however, they will be saddled with the squishy pink cow.

Whether it’s for family games night, drinks with friends or even a long-distanced Zoom session, Herd Mentality is designed to be easy to learn and quick to play.

The aim of the game is to win eight cow tokens before anyone else. In each round, players will hear a random question, such as “What’s the worst day of the week?” Everyone writes down an answer, then reveals them one by one. Players whose answer is part of the majority collect a cow token  and take one step closer to victory. The aim of the game is not to write the most ‘correct’ answer, but the most popular one.

If an answer is the odd one out, the player must add the pink cow to their herd. Whilst the pink cow is sitting in front of them, it’s impossible for that player to win the game.

Herd Mentality comes in a soft-to-touch cow print box and is available to order now. For more information, please get in touch with Emily Bond at

View the game and how to play in the video below:


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