Bigjigs reminder to online third party sellers

Published on: 16th May 2013

Due to come into effect on Saturday 1st June 2013, Bigjigs Toys is reminding online retailers that it will no longer support those selling on third party websites.Bigjigs300

In early January 2013, Bigjigs Toys announced that it is no longer supporting retailers selling on third party websites, including Amazon and eBay. Bigjigs Toys has reiterated that it will not allow its brand to be devalued by the price wars on third party websites and will support its high street retailers.

The company will monitor all such sites after the 1st June deadline, and any customer accounts found to be listing will no longer be supplied by the wooden toy manufacturer. The company has received praise from retailers who believe this is a positive step for the high street.

Paul, owner of When I was a Kid, said in a message to Bigjigs: “If I had a cap, I would be doffing it. I think this is an awesome stance to take and has really underlined your credibility and reputation as not only a true supporter of independent toy shops but also a company with a sense of right and wrong that is far greater than the narrow-minded profit at any cost stance taken by so many toy suppliers in this fickle world we trade.”

From Twitter, @Downtothewood said: “Well done @bigjigstoys We will up our orders now you’ve made a stand against 3rd party online sales. No more #showrooming”.

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