Board Game Club reports its busiest night of 2018

Published on: 27th November 2018

A combination of brand-new games from Essen and a debut from Gibson’s Games gave Board Game Club its busiest night of the year on Wednesday 21st November.

Among the instant hits shipped back from Germany was the pattern-matching curiosity Layers from Happy Baobab. Meanwhile, Crystal Hall from Gibson’s Games found fans in every corner of the jam-packed room.

Crystal Hall sees each player lead a coven of wizards around a great hall in search of four crystals among 36 face-down tiles. Along the way players must dodge cauldrons, curses and potions. Acknowledging that it plays for longer than Board Game Club’s usual fare, co-founder Lesley Singleton commented on its popularity: “It’s got enough plot to pull you into a magical world. Unlike a lot of role-playing games, though, it doesn’t ask too much. It’s been a real hit.”

Rebecca Hersee, marketing & sales assistant at Gibson’s Games adds, “It was great to see so many board game fans playing Crystal Hall and getting tips from two of the inventors who came along to the event, John and Luke. We are thrilled with how the game was received.”

Elsewhere at the venue, which at times became standing-room-only, guests got to grips with Layers. This sees up to four people racing to match patterns by building up thin layers of transparent plastic. The Club’s other co-founder, Peter Jenkinson, explains its appeal: “Layers needs you to think quickly but carefully. The faster you match a pattern, the more you score, so you’re racing a timer and the other players.”

Now in its fifth year, Board Game Club lets games enthusiasts and industry insiders meet, mingle and play in a relaxed, informal way. For further information, visit


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