Board games veterans launch All About Games consultancy

Published on: 13th May 2021

The founders say All About Games is a unique consulting company created to serve the board games industry.

Three Asmodee veterans have opened a new and unique consulting company for the board games/tabletop industry: All About Games. The founders, Carol Rapp, Cedric Delobelle and Daniel Steel, share between them more than 60 years of passion, expertise and dedication to the new wave of board and card games that have shaken up the toy industry over the last decade.

All About Games says its mission is all about helping board game companies improve their impact in a growing market, developing their footprint on the market and helping building bridges from one company to another. All About Games supports board games/tabletop publishers, manufacturers and distributors in their development through a wide range of services, such as advising on business development, international sales and localisation, marketing strategy and brand development. In addition, the team is able to offer process and structure reviews, team development, training and seminars, business coaching for mid- and high-level management positions, and much more.

Carol Rapp

Carol Rapp has been working in the industry for 20 years. She recently stepped down as international operational marketing director for Asmodee Group. Prior to this she was CEO of Asmodee Germany, and her skill set ranges from general business management to marketing and event management. She is a qualified business coach.

“It is a pleasure to start this company with two people I highly value. Together we will build something great and do what we are best at: help other people and their companies,” commented Carol.

Daniel Steel

Daniel Steel added: “We are about to create something new and unique for our industry. With our knowledge of different markets, organisations and products, we will add value to the companies we consult.”

Daniel has been part of the board games/tabletop industry for more than 30 years. At the end of 2018, he retired from Asmodee Group where he was head of European distribution and one of the Group Executive Committee. Prior to this, he grew Esdevium Games in the UK from a small importer to Europe’s number one distributor of games, until its acquisition by Asmodee in 2010. He was also an investor in and non-executive director of Fantasy Flight Publishing from 2000 to 2014.

Cedric Delobelle

Cedric Delobelle has been in the industry for more than ten years and was in charge of international sales at Esdevium (now Asmodee UK) before moving to Fantasy Flight to handle the co-ordination of its sales/publishing in Europe. For the last two years, he has been working as a consultant.

“I had my own company before, but the opportunity to build something bigger with Dan and Carol is exciting,” said Cedric. “We are already seeing demand from around the world for our services.”

All About Games headquarters is located in the UK, with Cedric Delobelle and Daniel Steel managing business there. Carol Rapp operates an office based in Germany.

Find out more at or contact Carol Rapp on


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