Brainstorm launches new pocket money line

Published on: 16th February 2017


BeeBeez are the latest incarnation of cult novelty line ZeeBeez, and are set to pop up in stores all over the UK.

The rubbery gadget comes in an array of colours: simply turn upside down, drop onto a hard surface and watch it BeePop back up towards the ceiling. Kids can try to catch their BeeBeez as they travel up into the air.

As well as being a pocket money line, BeeBeez can be demonstrated in stores as well as appealing to adults as stress and desk toys.

“Every year needs a fun pocket money line and BeeBeez is it,” said Nick Saunders, sales director at Brainstorm. “We have a great relationship with Zing Toys, the manufacturer, which is renowned for creating products that are brilliant fun and are looking forward to emulating the success previous incarnations have enjoyed. We have CDUs with great on-shelf appeal and the low price point will make them an easily accessible impulse purchase across many retail channels.”


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