Character Options’ Little Live Pets set for success this autumn/winter

As one of Character’s leading brands, Little Live Pets will benefit from significant investment this year.   

Character Options says its interactive pets brand Little Live Pets is set to go from strength to strength this autumn/winter, thanks to an extended and refreshed line-up supported by the company’s most ambitious marketing campaign for the brand to date.

The range grew substantially last year, and is now firmly established as one of the leading Youth Electronics brands in the UK. The second half of 2020 saw a number of major developments for Little Live Pets including a new style guide and a host of innovative launches, the now infamous Gotta Go Flamingo among them, which benefited from strong product placement ahead the Christmas gifting period.

Despite lockdown, the brand has got off to a strong start in 2021 due to a new series of core pets across lower price points and continued demand for hot lines such as the Cozy Dozy Koala and the Gotta Go Flamingo. Little Live Pets remains one of Character Options’ leading brands and will therefore benefit from significant investment this year which the company hopes will secure it ‘pole position’ in the electronic pets aisle.

Mark Hunt, marketing manager at Character Options, detailed what’s in store: “The longevity of the brand is amazing; seven years on we are still growing and bringing innovation into the category. This year, we believe it is the best collection to date. Retailers can look forward to the launch of Gotta Go Turdle, the singing, eating, pooping turtle who is sure to be this year’s most outrageous electronic pet. We will also be welcoming My Pet Pig Piggly, a walking pig that wiggles his nose and makes piggy noises. Plus, we will be introducing a seriously sweet horde of Lil’ Hamsters.”

The Little Live Pets range benefits from a high impact marketing drive. TV remains key across children’s channels, underpinned with YouTube pre-roll activity. From July until Christmas, Character Options will be adopting an always-on digital strategy for the brand, as well as ensuring celeb product placement and activity on social media platforms like TikTok, where fans can see and share news of the new additions to the line.

Mark added: “We have high expectations for Little Live Pets this year due to the strength and depth of the range, and we are looking forward to another successful autumn season and another year of growth for the brand.”

For more information about the Little Live Pets collection, please call 0161 633 9800 or email

Obituary: Michael Nunn

Michael was the third generation of the family to run the well-known Redgates store in Sheffield and chairman of White Rose Toys buying group.

Toy World is sad to report that Michael Nunn has passed away peacefully, aged 93 . Michael was the third generation of the family to run the well-known Redgates store in Sheffield. Edwin Redgate opened the first store in Fargate in 1857, selling furs and sewing machines. From 1890 onwards ,Redgates sold fur pram covers and around this time, the first wheeled toys were introduced. The reputation of Redgates grew rapidly in the 1960s, when it became known in the trade as one of the best toy shops outside of London, often referred to as “the Hamleys of the North.”

Michael worked in the business from 1948 to 1986, and was a key figure in the store’s move to its most-remembered location at Furnival Gate in the mid-1970s. In 1975, Redgates reached a milestone £1m turnover, which was a significant achievement at the time.

Having celebrated the company’s 125th birthday in 1982, Michael sold the business several years later to Zodiac Toys, which continued to run it for two years before it finally closed.

During his career, Michael travelled frequently to Nuremberg, where he originally met doll manufacturer Hans Gotz and started the agency agreement which still lasts to this day. The business has been run for many years by Michael’s son Antony, who married Hans’ daughter Silke Gotz. Michael’s grandson Patrick also works in the toy business, carrying on the family tradition.

Michael was chairman of White Rose Toys, a buying group consisting of 19 retailers which eventually became one of the founding cornerstones of Toymaster. He was also an active member of the Fence Club.

Speaking to Toy World, Michael’s son Antony commented: “Redgates was his life. Unfortunately, when Sheffield Council put the rates up by 150%, that signed the warrant for Sheffield business to close. In the end, selling the business was the best thing dad ever did – everyone got paid, we didn’t owe a penny.”

Our thoughts are with Michael’s family and the many friends and colleagues he made in the toy community over his long, illustrious career.




Britains partners with Rural Life Living Museum to mark centenary

A fun farm experience will run for three months, offering a summer of family days out perfect for agricultural enthusiasts. 

Britains, Europe’s oldest specialist in agricultural toys and collectibles, is celebrating its 100th anniversary by teaming up with Rural Life Living Museum in Surrey to create a unique experience for the whole family to enjoy this summer.

The Rural Life Museum features a collection of beautiful old rural buildings, tractors and farm equipment, plus its own small railway. Launched on Father’s Day, visitors to the farm will now be treated to a specially designed Britains-inspired toy trail. Britains products will be ‘hidden’ around the site, challenging families to spot them along their route. This fun-filled-farm experience will be running for three whole months, giving guests plenty of time to visit.

The team at the museum has also designed a fun activity sheet to keep the children entertained throughout the day. There’s plenty of photo opportunities too; visitors that upload their best snap taken with the special Britains photo frame to Facebook or Instagram will be in with a chance of winning one of Britains’ Farm in a Box toys.

Mary Wood, general manager UK and Ireland at Tomy, said: “This centenary year is an incredible milestone for the Britains brand, which is why we have arranged plenty of exciting partnerships to help us and our wonderful fans celebrate this landmark. Many avid collectors of the brand have added to their vast collection of Britains products over the years, but the brand is also iconic to today’s generation, which is why we teamed up with the fantastic Rural Life Living Museum to create an experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The unique trail the team at Rural Life Living Museum has created offers a really exciting day out where children can learn and play, perfect for the up-coming summer holidays. We would like to thank the team at Rural Life for helping us celebrate our 100-year anniversary and hope many families across the country enjoy visiting.”

Lianne Rowden, Learning & Community engagement  officer at The Rural Life Living Museum, added: “We are delighted to be working with Britains Farm Toys on this new family activity trail, which will help to bring our agricultural collection to life for our visitors.  Having the miniature versions of our farming equipment hidden around our buildings will provide some entertaining family fun, and we are looking forward to seeing the selfies that visitors post on our social media.”

When: 20th June – 12th September
Opening Hours: 10am – 4pm
Address: The Reeds Rd, Tilford, Farnham GU10 2DL

To find out more, click here.

Exclusive: IETP’s Sarah Ng on the most trusted responsible sourcing programme for toys

In this exclusive piece, Sarah Ng, the organisation’s communications manager, tells Toy World readers why the ICTI Ethical Toy Program remains as vital as it ever was. 

Sarah Ng

How effective and applicable is your responsible supply chain programme?

Did you know that 75% of supply chain organisations say they have responsible or ethical sourcing programmes in place? However, the latest research from Gartner [1] shows that the effectiveness of these responsible sourcing programmes vary.

The gap between the monitoring levels of these programmes should be of concern to Responsible Investors; the research highlights that some businesses only deliver the policies to their suppliers, and some ask suppliers to undertake comprehensive on-site factory audits. In our experience, the next steps would be to go beyond audit to remediate and rectify non-compliances, then later encourage behavioural changes by providing capacity building so that suppliers improve their standards in a sustainable way.

Further to this, recent research [2] has revealed that two-thirds of business leaders in the UK are already replacing suppliers that don’t live up to their corporate social responsibility values with ones that do. It is great to read how businesses are making purpose-led decisions, although these shifts might cause temporary pressure and supply chain disruption.

In order to advance ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) metrics in the supply chain, businesses are facing two common challenges: the effectiveness of the various supply chain sustainability programmes, and the possible negative impacts on their suppliers base.

30 years ago, the toy industry went through a similar journey – industry leaders came together to seek an aligned ethical manufacturing standard, along with solutions to keep it up-to-date and relevant to the industry.

Unified Ethical Standard Tailored for the Toy Industry

Back in the 1990s, many large toy brands and retailers created their own Codes of Conduct, founding up to 70 ethical standards for toy manufacture. This made it very difficult for toy factories to comply with the varying standards of all their customers and created significant amounts of audit duplications.

To create impact, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, an industry-wide ethical manufacturing standard was called-for in the toy industry. The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) created the Code of Business Practices, which represented one unified ethical manufacturing standard for the industry, the purpose of which was to drive convergence, raise standards, and reduce duplication of social audits in the global toy industry supply chain. The ICTI Ethical Toy Program (IETP) was later established to oversee the implementation and certification of this standard. IETP is a independent not for profit organisation.

The standard for Brands and Retailers is the IETP standard

In order to ensure the Ethical Toy Program continues to fulfil evolving needs and reflect the changes in legislation and requirements of the toy sector, IETP is advised by a Technical Advisory Council (TAC).

The TAC meets on a regular basis and brings together responsible sourcing representatives from major toy manufacturers, brands, retailers, and licensors to offer guidance and support. Examples of current members include Hallmark, Hape International, Wal-Mart, Wynnewood Corporation Ltd., Target, and The Walt Disney Company, to name a few.

The comprehensive insights from the TAC are used in the development of the Ethical Toy Program audit checklist, products, and services, to ensure these deliver maximum benefits to manufacturers and buyer members.

In other words, IETP is constantly reviewed by industry representatives to ensure our standards are aligned with the standards of brands and retailers, making it easy and simple for buyers who recognise our ethical certification to achieve their sustainability goals.

Once a brand or retailer adopts the IETP programme, they are automatically connected with an industry-wide responsible sourcing community using widely recognised standards and a global supplier base of 1,000+ certified factories who already comply with their responsible and ethical standards.

To learn more about the IETP program and the business benefits it can bring to your toy business, click here. For inquiries, please contact:




Senior Warner Bros. Consumer Products execs to kick off opening keynote at Licensing Expo Virtual 2021

Licensing experts will address free virtual event on topics such as the power of super fandom to enhancing collaboration and in-store retail.

Two key leaders from Warner Bros. Consumer Products will kick off the first day with the opening keynote of the free-to-attend Licensing Expo Virtual, in partnership with industry trade association Licensing International, set for August 24th-26th.

Pam Lifford, president of WarnerMedia Global Brands and Experiences, and Robert Oberschelp, senior vice president, Global Franchise Management and Brand Product for Warner Bros. Consumer Products, will deliver the address entitled Unlocking the Fan Power of Global Franchises, moderated by License Global’s content director Amanda Cioletti.

The pair will take the virtual stage at 11am EDT/8am PDT on 24th August, presenting attendees with exclusive insight into their world-class business strategy that is a key contributor to the $292.8b licensing industry. “Licensing is a strategic tool for brands to leverage in order to extend their audience reach and gain market share—we are honoured to headline Licensing Expo Virtual and share our deep pool of insights and learnings from across Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ wide assortment of portfolios,” commented Pam Lifford.

Pam is responsible for developing all-new fan-engagement business opportunities at WarnerMedia, in addition to aligning current fan-focused activities, while Robert Oberschelp’s role includes oversight of Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ global licensing programme that brings new and existing collections to fans. They will touch on everything from the power of super fandom to leveraging e-commerce channels in 2021 and 2022, when to pull on direct-to-consumer levers, how to maximise multiple platforms, enhancing collaborations and in-store retail.

“We could not be more excited to share that executives from a world-renowned studio with global reach and influence will kick off this year’s event; Lifford and Oberschelp’s address is a must-attend,” said Anna Knight, vice president of Licensing, Informa Markets. “Between the two executives, attendees will have access to decades of experience in executing licensing campaigns that have shaped the entertainment sector and will walk away with newfound learnings they can apply to foster brand growth and expansion.”

In addition to delivering educational sessions, the free-to-attend Licensing Expo Virtual offers peer-to-peer connection, networking and deal-making, with searchable IP discovery at the forefront.

Registration for the event has got off to a strong start and pre-registrations to date include retailers Alibaba, Amazon, Claire’s, Lidl, Primark, rue21, Superdry, TJX and Toys’R’Us, and licensees Bentex Group, Bioworld International, Boeing Group, Colgate Palmolive, Ferrero, Garmin, Hallmark Cards, Her Accessories, Puma, Ravensburger, Tastemakers and Tomy International.

For more information about Licensing Expo Virtual click here.

When the ship hits the fan…it’s the Friday Blog!

I make no apologies for returning to the thorny subject of shipping this week: unsurprisingly, this ongoing issue is dominating most toy conversations at the moment. One of the few positives about the situation is that just about everyone is in the same boat…literally.

This week has seen container rates spiraling once more, with prices on the Asia to Europe route reported to be edging towards $20,000 for a 40ft container. As a result, it seems that some retailers are postponing or cancelling orders, seemingly in the belief that this will all blow over in the coming weeks / months and they’ll be able to reinstate their orders at a lower rate. Now, about that…

After we posted the original story on LinkedIn, we had numerous replies confirming that many buyers across the globe are indeed in a quandary about what to do, with some pushing the pause button on deliveries. One respondent based in the Far East said: “We have one retailer with 14 containers waiting to be shipped, because they are waiting for cheaper prices. The same retailer is putting pressure on us to confirm an order for August shipment and all Q4 shipment orders. What to do?” Someone from Israel posted: “I had companies here delaying when the cost was $8000, and now its $17000. There is no choice but to take the products as soon as they are produced. No stock=no sales.”

In a nutshell, this is pretty much spot on – I bet the company which postponed orders when the container price was $8000 was kicking itself when it doubled. And here’s the news I doubt any of you want to hear; I spoke to someone who works in sea freight sales for the world’s largest shipping company this week, and it is his considered opinion that prices have not peaked yet. He sees August as the likely pricing nadir and believes that…wait for it…rates could hit $25,000-$30,000 over the late summer period, as festive stock starts to flood in. And as I have suggested previously, while prices will eventually correct, it is his belief that this is unlikely to happen for a good while yet – certainly not this year, and maybe not even in ’22.

The general feeling seems to be that conditions are not likely to change dramatically until the new vessels that have been ordered by carriers are ready to launch, which will help to relieve the current capacity issues – and that is widely believed to be 2023.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Of course, this is just one person’s prediction – but in fairness, he is well-positioned to know what he is talking about. I pondered over whether to share what he said, but decided it is better to put it out there, so people can at least do some further investigation with their own service providers and also factor this potential outcome into their planning.

To add insult to injury for our UK-based readers, it also appears that despite the sky-high container rates, UK business is not particularly attractive to some container lines. Apparently, the imbalance of trade – with a ratio of four import containers for just one export – is causing certain carriers to favour other routes with a better balance between import and export, to help make sure that containers are in the right place. Industry sources suggest that UK ports are the first to be omitted on an ad-hoc basis when carriers want to reboot their networks, while some of the Asia-North Europe alliance lines are even rumoured to be in favour of the UK being served permanently via feeder services from Antwerp or Rotterdam.

So, what is the upshot of the ongoing disruption in China and absurd shipping price rises…could it all lead to product shortages, price rises or non-deliveries (or all three)? Very possibly. On the other hand, if you are a toy company with stock already on the ground or on its way, you could be in a strong position. If last year saw the toy community encouraging consumers to shop early for Christmas to avoid disappointment, this year may well see that message needing to be repeated…on steroids. Apart from the occasional story – most of which almost downplay the gravity of the situation – the mainstream media has yet to pick up on these developments in any meaningful way, so in the main, the public remains blissfully unaware of what may lie ahead over the coming months.

Away from shipping lanes, there has been plenty of other news this week: hearty congratulations to all those who participated in the Toy Trust’s Around the World in 80 Hours event over the past week, which has so far raised over £20,000 for its charity partners, and to Andrew Laughton who has just completed a mammoth 110km trek in aid of both the Toy Trust and the Fence Club, which you can read more about here. We also wish all the best to Casdon’s Roger Howard, who has retired after spending an incredible 45 years with the company – from starting as an office junior at the age of 16, he must have seen so many changes, both at Casdon and in the wider toy market, over his illustrious career. Elsewhere, I understand that Jacqueline Taylor-Foo has parted company with Melissa and Doug, while Julia Cake will be leaving Magic Box for pastures new today. Her replacement will be unveiled soon, while there are a couple of other impending announcements about high profile appointments which we look forward to bringing you shortly.

Finally, I wanted to bring you some news to cheer you up after the relentless barrage of challenges business is currently facing. So how about this: it turns out that China didn’t have a leak at a nuclear power plant in Guangdong this week after all. No, it turns out that reports of a leak just around the corner from where a very large percentage of the world’s toys are made were exaggerated. Admittedly, five fuel rods broke in the reactor, and while I am not a nuclear scientist, I am guessing that probably wasn’t ideal. However, the rise in radiation was apparently contained and contrary to reports on CNN, there was no leakage into the environment. So that’s good news – after the year we’re having, a nuclear incident in the heart of global toy production would have been the icing on the cake. So thankfully it’s as you were, nothing to see here – just the small matter of meltdown in the global logistics chain to deal with after all. Phew.

Andrew Laughton completes 110km walk in aid of the Toy Trust and Fence Club

Andrew reached the end of his gruelling challenge after four days and was welcomed by members of the Toy Trust team at BTHA headquarters.

Marking the end of his tenure as BTHA Chairman and at MGA, Andrew took on the challenge of a 110km walk from the MGA offices in Milton Keynes to the BTHA HQ in Central London, following the path of the Grand Union Canal. Facing scorching temperatures for the first three days and rain on the final day, Andrew completed the walk in an outstanding four days – an amazing achievement.

Andrew’s fundraising has already exceeded his £10,000 target, thanks to the generosity of colleagues, friends and the wider industry, several of whom turned out to accompany him on parts of the route.

The endeavour is raising money for both the Toy Trust and Fence Club equally, both of which are charities close to Andrew’s heart and which both provide support to many small children’s charities across the UK. The Covid-19 pandemic saw a massive drop in fundraising opportunities for many charities that don’t receive government funding, making organisations such as The Toy Trust, and the Fence Club all the more important to many of these smaller foundations. As an industry dedicated to children’s happiness, these organisations both agree it is critical that support is given wherever possible.

Graham Canning, Toy Trust Committee chairman said: “Andrew’s personal commitment is a real inspiration. To walk 110km in four days is a fantastic achievement and we at the Toy Trust Committee are so grateful for his incredible fundraising which will provide much needed support to the UK based children’s charities we are helping this year. He has approached this challenge with passion and enthusiasm, and this to me is the real spirit of our industry. My thanks once again to Andrew for all he has done on behalf of the Toy Trust.”

Andrew himself commented: “This challenge has, for me, always been ‘all about the kids’ and raising as much money as possible for the inspiring children’s charities the Toy Trust and Fence Club support. My heartfelt thanks go to all those that have joined me at certain points during the walk; this has provided me with great company, encouragement and plenty of laughs. I am not so thankful for the blisters! To be able to give something back to the industry that has given so much to me is amazing, and to have smashed the £10,000 fundraising target is unbelievable. Thanks to all for their support once again.”

There is still time to add your support and make a donation via Andrew’s fundraising campaign page here with all funds raised going on to support disadvantaged children around the country.

Amazon blames social media for fake reviews

A Which? investigation found companies claiming to be able to guarantee Amazon’s Choice status and others offering to provide top reviews.

AmazonAmazon has blamed social media companies for the problem of fake reviews on its website, arguing that “bad actors” turn to social networks to buy and sell fake product reviews. The online retailer claims that managing this issue is beyond the reach of its own technology.

The company says it removed more than 200m suspected fake reviews before they were seen by customers in 2020 alone, but nonetheless has faced continued criticism for widespread fake and misleading reviews that are posted on the platform.

This year a Which? investigation found companies claiming to be able to guarantee ‘Amazon’s Choice’ status on products within two weeks. Amazon Choice status is an algorithmically assigned badge of quality that can push products to the top of search results. Other websites discovered by Which? claimed to have armies of reviewers numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Amazon says the blame for such organisations should lie with social media companies, which it says are slow to act when warned that fake reviews are being solicited on their platforms.

“In the first three months of 2020, we reported more than 300 groups to social media companies, who then took a median time of 45 days to shut down those groups from using their service to perpetrate abuse,” Amazon claimed in a blog post. “In the first three months of 2021, we reported more than 1,000 such groups, with social media services taking a median time of five days to take them down. While we appreciate that some social media companies have become much faster at responding, to address this problem at scale it is imperative for social media companies to invest adequately in proactive controls to detect and enforce fake reviews ahead of our reporting the issue to them.”

While Amazon did not name any specific social network, Facebook has been repeatedly criticised for failing to clamp down on such activity. In January 2020, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority secured an agreement from Facebook to “better identify, investigate and remove groups and other pages where fake and misleading reviews were being traded, and prevent them from reappearing”. However, following a further investigation in 2021 the CMA was forced to take action for a second time.

Facebook responded at the time: “Fraudulent and deceptive activity is not allowed on our platforms, including offering or trading fake reviews. Our safety and security teams are continually working to help prevent these practices.”

Andrea Coscelli, the chief executive of the CMA said: “After we intervened again, the company made significant changes, but it is disappointing it has taken them over a year to fix these issues.”


Rubies adds Amelia Fang to its licensed costume portfolio

The new collection will bring to life the quirky gothic children’s book character created by talented author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson.

The Amelia Fang book series, published by Farshore/HarperCollins UK, has sold over 380,000 copies in the UK, and been translated into 24 languages worldwide. The books follow a little vampire with a big heart through her adventures in the city of Nocturnia. Popular among 7-9-year-olds, the seven book series invites readers to enter an imaginative, gothic world brought to life with creative illustrations.

Rubies’ new costumes will feature Amelia Fang and her signature spooky outfits in a variety of sizes. The company will design, market, manufacture and distribute the range in the UK from next year, and says the highly versatile character works equally as well for World Book Day as she does for Halloween.

This fan-favourite book series joins Rubies’ impressive list of official licences, which includes everything from the superheroes of Marvel and DC to Dennis the Menace and Horrid Henry. As the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of fancy-dress and costumes, Rubies says that inspiring its audience and kick-starting a life-long love of reading in children is at the heart of everything it does.

Tracey Devine-Tyley, head of Licensing & Portfolio EMEA, explains: “We understand how important reading is to children; it helps develop their minds and imaginations and we strive to support this through the licences we hold that celebrate reading. Amelia Fang is a fantastic licence for us to acquire. It’s a beloved book series with a strong and growing group of fans consisting of children and parents alike.”

Laura Ellen Anderson, creator of Amelia Fang, added: “I’m so excited to see Rubies bring the Amelia Fang costume to life. It’s wonderful to know that my fans and readers will be able to easily access this costume, which can be worn for events such as World Book Day and Halloween, or just for fun.”

The costumes will be available to order early next year on

Tonies adds characters from classic children’s books to range

Tonies has launched a new Famous Five Tonie character figurine which will be joined by a Pippi Longstocking Tonie this autumn.

The new The Famous Five: A Short Story Collection Tonie character figurine has arrived just in time for families heading out on a staycation this summer, telling the classic stories by Enid Blyton of long summer days spent in the English and Welsh countryside and around the seashores.

As a no-screens, safe and wireless audio system that plays a whole host of kids’ classics, the Toniebox is an ideal staycation essential for families this summer. Perfect for adventures close to home and further afield, once charged the Toniebox is completely mobile for seven hours.

To celebrate the launch, Tonies has teamed up with West Lexham in Norfolk to offer one lucky family a two-night stay in a beautiful treehouse surrounded by nature. The winner will also receive a box set of the complete collection of Famous Five books, and the new Famous Five Tonie, along with a Toniebox.

Pinky Laing, UK Partnerships at Tonies commented: “We are delighted to have released our new Famous Five Tonie that brings the classic stories of adventure by Enid Blyton to life for the next generation this summer. We hope that families will enjoy playing the tales of the Famous Five gang to their children whilst they enjoy their family holidays this year. The enriching adventure led content is perfect for revitalising a love of outdoor discovery among children.”

The new Tonie is available now, for more information, see the Tonies website.

Tonies will also be launching a new Pippi Longstocking Tonie character figurine in the UK this autumn. The UK edition will be voiced by award-winning presenter, comedian and writer Sandi Toksvig. The internationally bestselling Pippi Longstocking stories are among the most translated children’s books in the world, with over 70 million copies being sold in 70 languages to date. The Pippi Longstocking Tonie will be released on 14th October 2021.

Through the engaging and dynamic audio content, little ones will experience the wild and unique spirit of Astrid Lindgren’s tales of Pippi on her many adventures. The new Tonie features the eleven stories of the first volume of Pippi Longstocking’s adventures and is suitable for children ages four and up.

Pinky Laing added: “We are delighted to have released our new ‘Pippi Longstocking’s Adventures’ Tonie. Working with The Astrid Lindgren Company, and descendants of Lindgren, we have brought to life the wonderfully wild and exciting adventures of Pippi Longstocking for audio.”

Cilla Nergårdh, CEO at The Astrid Lindgren Company, commented: “We are thrilled to see the Pippi Longstocking Toniebox go out into the world, with its beautifully detailed figurine paired with excellent narration by self-confessed Pippi fan, Sandi Toksvig, and the popular Pippi theme tune, Here Comes Pippi Longstocking. Astrid Lindgren cared deeply about the right of children to be children, and the idea of free play and exploration runs like a thread through all her books. As guardians of the Astrid Lindgren brand, we’re always looking for new ways to keep her stories alive for a new generation of readers, and we hope this partnership will lead more people to discover and enjoy Astrid’s extraordinary world of stories.”