Character Options’ Little Live Pets set for success this autumn/winter

Published on: 21st June 2021

As one of Character’s leading brands, Little Live Pets will benefit from significant investment this year.   

Character Options says its interactive pets brand Little Live Pets is set to go from strength to strength this autumn/winter, thanks to an extended and refreshed line-up supported by the company’s most ambitious marketing campaign for the brand to date.

The range grew substantially last year, and is now firmly established as one of the leading Youth Electronics brands in the UK. The second half of 2020 saw a number of major developments for Little Live Pets including a new style guide and a host of innovative launches, the now infamous Gotta Go Flamingo among them, which benefited from strong product placement ahead the Christmas gifting period.

Despite lockdown, the brand has got off to a strong start in 2021 due to a new series of core pets across lower price points and continued demand for hot lines such as the Cozy Dozy Koala and the Gotta Go Flamingo. Little Live Pets remains one of Character Options’ leading brands and will therefore benefit from significant investment this year which the company hopes will secure it ‘pole position’ in the electronic pets aisle.

Mark Hunt, marketing manager at Character Options, detailed what’s in store: “The longevity of the brand is amazing; seven years on we are still growing and bringing innovation into the category. This year, we believe it is the best collection to date. Retailers can look forward to the launch of Gotta Go Turdle, the singing, eating, pooping turtle who is sure to be this year’s most outrageous electronic pet. We will also be welcoming My Pet Pig Piggly, a walking pig that wiggles his nose and makes piggy noises. Plus, we will be introducing a seriously sweet horde of Lil’ Hamsters.”

The Little Live Pets range benefits from a high impact marketing drive. TV remains key across children’s channels, underpinned with YouTube pre-roll activity. From July until Christmas, Character Options will be adopting an always-on digital strategy for the brand, as well as ensuring celeb product placement and activity on social media platforms like TikTok, where fans can see and share news of the new additions to the line.

Mark added: “We have high expectations for Little Live Pets this year due to the strength and depth of the range, and we are looking forward to another successful autumn season and another year of growth for the brand.”

For more information about the Little Live Pets collection, please call 0161 633 9800 or email


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