Christmas Countdown 25:12 tracks wishlist trends

Published on: 29th October 2013

Christmas Countdown 25:12 tracks shopper behaviours and attitudes in the 10-week build-up to Christmas, together with the ups and downs of toy brands as they battle to gain a foothold on kids’ wishlists.christmascountdown300

By the end of this 10-week tracker, 1,500 parents of children aged 4-10 will have told the survey about the influences which have determined their toy and retail choices. Christmas Countdown 25:12 examines how, when and why these influences alter as the Christmas deadline approaches.

Christmas Countdown 25:12 is designed for toy professionals who wish to refine their activity within the current season, 2013, and to plan for 2014.

So far the tracker has found that 71% of parents have started Christmas shopping already. 50% of these parents have already bought the main present, leaving 50% still open to influence on the main gift and a further 29% to influence across all present types.

Christmas Countdown 25:12 takes the guesswork out of knowing what’s hot for Christmas and has identified a shift in the methods used by children to source toy information and in what influences their toy choices.

As the lists become more specific by the week, and TV advertising takes deeper hold, Christmas Countdown 25:12 will track the intensity of kids’ requests and identify the point at which Christmas is a ‘done deal’ when the power of TV advertising diminishes.

You can contact Full Steam to find out how you can capitalise on the trends taking place within the current season and to optimise your plans for 2014 by emailing

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