Code Lab introduced to Cozmo entertainment robot

Published on: 27th June 2017

Anki delivers robotics programming platform for kids with Cozmo Code Lab.

Anki has announced the introduction of Cozmo Code Lab. The Cozmo Code Lab programming platform enhances Cozmo’s credentials as one of the most sophisticated consumer robots available, developed by a leading team of Ph.D. roboticists, animators, and game developers.

Cozmo Code Lab is a simple and intuitive visual programming language that allows users to tap into Cozmo’s advanced robotics technology easily. Writing sophisticated programs requires a programmer to define a set of rules to solve an issue. Cozmo’s Code Lab challenges kids to find a solution to prescribed prompts by moving the blocks into an appropriate sequence. It also allows them to experiment with Cozmo to create whatever content they can imagine.

Code Lab for Cozmo is based on Scratch Blocks, a project of the MIT Media Lab. With Code Lab, Cozmo owners can start out with very simple programs, but then move into sophisticated coding projects, such as creating new games for the robot.

In the current technology-fueled world, learning to code has quickly become a valued skill, empowering kids to become creators of the technology that they use and enjoy. Code Lab is part of the Cozmo app and will be available in September.

Boris Sofman, CEO and co-founder at Anki, commented: “Everything we do at Anki is in an effort to advance the state of robotics, whether that is kids learning coding for the first time, or Ph.D. students solving complex computer vision challenges in a lab with Cozmo. With the launch of Code Lab, Cozmo now helps kids develop the logic and reasoning skills that programming requires. Based on the Scratch Blocks project, a collaboration between MIT Media Lab and Google, we now have a powerful tool that gives anyone interested in learning to code a robot the opportunity to unleash their creativity. There’s simply no consumer robotics platform available like Cozmo.”

Cozmo is available in the UK from 15th September.


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