Cogs keep on turning for Ukranian puzzle maker Ugears

Published on: 29th September 2022

Ugears has released its fourth 3D mechanical marble run puzzle after managing to continue its business in war-torn Kyiv.

In the midst of war, a Ukrainian company, Ugears, has released the last model in a series of four 3D wooden mechanical marble runs. Each of the four marble runs can be used as a standalone and a 3D puzzle but any two of the four marble runs can also be connected to make a single, integrated marble amusement park, assembled with the child’s own hands.

Marble run races have become an online phenomenon, with the most popular videos racking up millions of views, as people watch to cheer on the marble of their choice. Ugears’ Marble Run models are DIY mechanical 3D puzzles made from precision laser-cut wooden boards.

The models come with everything needed for assembly and modelers don’t need glue or special tools to build the kits as the pieces are just punched out and snapped together.

Ugears Marble Runs are designed for ages 14+, so they can be a fun project for the whole family to enjoy together.

The Ugears Marble Run Chain Hoist has 400 pieces, comes with 10 colourful glass marbles and promises seven plus hours of enjoyable assembly. The kinetic sculpture powered by a hand crank features a chain hoist and a series of tracks, each with its own fun obstacle or element. The marbles ascend to the top of the machine, where a three-way switch distributes them on different tracks. At the bottom, all marbles return to the chain hoist to be lifted on their next journey.

With an assembly time of eight plus hours, the Marble Run Stepped Hoist has a three-stage alternating lift that sends the marbles back and forth as they climb. There are three tracks for them to descend on – a serpentine run, a hammer swing or a funnel.

The Marble Run Tiered Hoist has 315 parts and takes about five hours to build. The marbles get into a marble trap and can only escape with the third marble’s help before descending on a roller-coaster or a four-level ramp.

The Marble Run Spiral Hoist is the fourth model in the collection and has 266 parts providing six hours of track building. It features a new series of obstacles including a high-speed slide, vertical snake and mountain river.

Founded in Kyiv in 2014, Ugears designs and makes 3D puzzles which are enjoyed in 85 countries. The company has weathered the storms of war, even releasing several new models after Russia’s invasion in February this year.

The company currently produces 100,000 kits a month with more than 100 different models to choose from, and model kits are shipped worldwide from the warehouse in Latvia.

The manufacturing facility is in Kyiv and, after a three-month interruption, the area was liberated by Ukranian armed forces allowing the Ugears team to get back to work in May 2022. From the start of the war, Ugears co-founders have donated hundreds of thousands of euros to source and procure much needed supplies for Ukranian soldiers and refugees.

Going forward, five euros from each purchase on Ugears’ international website will be donated to aid the people of Ukraine.

For more information visit the website here, or email



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