Dame Maggie Smith is ‘Queen of Bananagrams’

Published on: 12th September 2014

Members of Downton Abbey are fans of playing Bananagrams during filming breaks of the new series. downton300

Lily James, who plays Lady Rose in the BBC series, said: “There’s a lot of downtime, so we amuse ourselves backstage with Bananagrams – which is like a Scrabble game. Maggie Smith loves it. They’ll be like: “Can we have you back on set” and she’s just (imperious wave of the hand) “Not now”.”

Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, added: “It keeps your brain active. Occasionally a rude word comes out and we have a laugh. Dame Maggie is said to be the undisputed champion, although Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) hints that she bends the rules to her own advantage. Sam Bond, (Lady Rosamund) who’s probably the best, knows all the two-letter words and Maggie gets very annoyed. And if you have to look a word up, she doesn’t really accept it.”

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