Dantoy launches Blue Marine Toys, made from recycled maritime waste

Published on: 9th February 2022

The Blue Marine toys range of sand and waterplay toys is manufactured using items such as fishing nets, ropes and trawls.

In 2018, Dantoy launched its Bio-line, made from sugarcanes. This was followed in 2020 by the Green Bean line, comprising of products made from internal waste, and the company’s Take Back strategy in 2021, where damaged Dantoy products were collected to make new toys out of. Dantoy’s latest new toy line, Blue Marine Toys, is made from recycled maritime gear.

“Sustainability is not just a trend – it’s our DNA,” commented Marck Matthiasen, CEO Dantoy. “By being open and welcoming the use of new and different materials, we can crack the need for new materials. It is a long and hard battle but here at Dantoy it is a natural part of how we work and think.”

The Blue Marine line is made from maritime gear such as fishing nets, ropes and trawls. At the company’s own factory in Hobro, Denmark, it is transformed into a collection of sand and waterplay toys in bright colours. “The colours and the surface texture of the Blue Marine products may be different from what we are used to,” explained Marck. “But this will symbolize that the product the buyer holds in their hands is a unique and sustainable product.”

Inge S. Knakkergaard Quality and Environmental co-ordinator at Dantoy, added: “It is exciting and challenging to make colour mixes from fishing nets that have a dark green color as their base material. You have to think differently to achieve the different shades.”

The toys are directly inspired by the material they are made of; consequently, the Blue Marine Toys collection features colours and shapes inspired by sand, water, corals etc., which the development department at Dantoy believes adds an extra dimension to the new line.

It is estimated that more than 12m tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea every year. 10% of this is maritime gear such as nets, lines and ropes. Armed with these facts, Dantoy says it was a natural choice for the team to develop a line where such items can become a part of a sustainable and circular economy.

For more information, visit or contact sales manager, Anne Harding, on or (+45) 40430241.




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