DKL Marketing announces new Plus-Plus suitcases

Published on: 8th October 2018

Sales of Plus-Plus have hit record levels, with the range seeing growth which has exceeded expectations.

Following a successful year distributing the popular tubes and gift boxes, DKL is pleased to be launching the new Plus-Plus suitcases.

This product features basic and pastel mix colours. The suitcases are available in metal or carton cases.

The metal suitcase includes a rubber handle and contain 500 pieces of either basic or pastel piece, 100 neon pieces, one baseplate and an instruction book. The carton suitcase, which also includes a rubber handle, contains 300 pieces of either basic or pastel pieces, 100 neon pieces, one baseplate and an instruction book. These handy on-the-go cases allow children to take them on any trip.

With Plus-Plus Construction, children of all ages can create models, mosaics, and 3D designs in many colours; even curves can be made using this flexible system. Children can use the easy to follow instructions or make their own creations using their imagination.


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