DKL unveils full Scentco stationery range

Published on: 16th March 2015

Following the initial sales of Scentco products in January and February, DKL has announced that the full range of scented stationery is now in stock.

Frozen-Colored-Pencil-5pk_FrontA new Disney Frozen range of the scented stationery will also be available in May. Highlights include a five-pack of coloured Smencils, an Elsa notepad and Frozen FSDU.

Scentco is an eco-friendly range of scented stationery and is the latest addition to the DKL portfolio. Products are available in an assortment of recognisable scents and there are themes such as spring, sports and Valentine’s Day.

Farel Williams, marketing and social media assistant, said: “The whole DKL team has been working extremely hard on the launch of Scentco and we are all so thrilled to see that retailers are just as excited as we are about the fun stationery range. It has been a fantastic couple of months with Scentco and the rest of the year is set to be even better with the arrival of Frozen lines.”

DKL launched the Smencils range at Toy Fair where the new packaging and scent assortments were positively received. The company will exhibit the range at the London Stationery Show from 28th-29th April.

Contact DKL on 01604 678 780 to find out more about Scentco Scented Stationery and to pre-order the Disney Frozen range.


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