Drumond Park launches free Logo app

Published on: 10th September 2013

Tuesday 1st October sees the launch of Drumond Park’s Logo app, which will be available to download free on iPhone and iPad devices.LOGO-app---Opening300

Claire McCool, co-founder and marketing director at the company, said: “Huge creativity and technical skill has gone into the development by our team of the Logo app, which is tantalisingly exciting and has enormous play value.

“Ours is the one and only Official Logo app, published with fully granted permissions and approvals from all the contributing companies. We launched the Logo board game property five years ago, and over that period it has become the second biggest property in the UK games market – only Monopoly is currently bigger. There are now six games – including this year’s new title, Logo Billionaire – and that means we have unrivalled access to the logos of hundreds of brands and products, many of which have chosen to appear on the app. Needless to say our graphics, and the items for the Q&As in the Trivia mode are superbly authentic – because the logos and information displayed all come direct from source.”

There are seven question types – Reveal, Blur, Tilt, Grid, Shape, Trivia and Colour – and 12 levels of play. Each level contains 20 questions to be completed within a particular time, and once complete the next level is then unlocked. Each level uses a mix of the question types, involving more than 1,100 questions and approaching 300 images in all.

“We don’t see the app as being a rival for our Logo picture board games, or Logo Billionaire”, continued Claire. “In fact, we will be utilising the ‘buzz’ which the app launch will create amongst the UK computer game-playing public as well as the traditionalists, to spearhead our total consumer awareness programme for the Logo brand this Autumn and during the run-up to Christmas. This will, as always, include a weighty multi-station TV advertising schedule, with supporting fully-integrated PR, promotional and sampling activity, including an ever-increasing online presence.”

A huge number of the top UK-available logos – from Birds Eye, Hovis, Marmite, Tetley and Waggon Wheels to Argos, British Gas, Churchill, National Express, Tesco and Vauxhall – appear on the app. And to add even more variety, new brands specifically introduced into the app gameplay include Campbell’s Soup, The Co-op, John West, and Ready Brek.

The Official Logo board game app – for both iPhone and iPad platforms – will be available to download free from the iTunes App Store list, from 1st October to 31st December 2013.

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