Drumond Park reveals 2014 additions

Published on: 22nd January 2014

The London Toy Fair is your first chance to view and play Drumond Park’s new products for 2014, to hit the shops from mid-Summer onwards.dpnewgamestf300

Logo Grab is the seventh in the Logo series of children’s, family and adult board games. Logo Grab is for children aged eight plus. The box contains eight dice and dozens of different colour-coded brand cards in four categories portraying famous UK brands. The aim is to be the first to collect two sets of three brand cards in any one colour category. In Logo Grab, players are not grabbing the famous name cards, but the dice. The first player to spot a card bearing the same first letter as is on one of the dice shouts out the brand’s name, grabs the dice, and then takes the card. Two of the dice have a bell hidden inside; shake the dice and if it rings, you’ve got to hand back the card.

Shout! is another new and highly competitive team game for the whole family. The centrepiece of the game is a combined stand/timer/scorekeeper ensemble. Two teams sit on either side of the stand, on which randomly shuffled Shout! cards portraying the Challenges are displayed. There are almost 200 cards, each one containing nine themed images, words or figures, which when all nine are identified, in turn lead to the team’s completion of that card’s total Challenge. A large proportion of the cards come as ‘of the moment’ picture puzzles, with others including word searches and acronyms. Everyone on the team shouts out as many answers as they can in a race against the timer, while the opposing team keeps track of their correct answers by placing pegs on the scoring board at the base of the stand. The winning team is the first to reach 99 points.

Articulate for Kids, the junior version of Drumond Park’s Articulate! team board game, has been updated and repackaged for 2014. There are more than 2,000 items to be described, in the same six categories as Articulate: Object, Nature, Person, Action, World and Random. Children will be challenged to describe words and subjects as diverse as Daleks, Finger, Shrek, Mickey Mouse, Chimney and Pond. Articulate for Kids can be played alongside the original Number One Best-Selling Articulate!, for multi-generational family fun.

Drumond Park Games has moved to more spacious surroundings in the Gallery, stand 440.

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