Drumond Park’s new Pumpazing targets pre-schoolers

Published on: 17th July 2012

Hot on the heels of the Pumpaloons action game, from Drumond Park, comes Pumpazing.

Developed in-house by the company’s creative and development teams, the game is simple to operate. Pumpazing comes complete with four coloured Zinger heads, and in the simple ‘starter’ version of the game children take it in turns to pump Zingy’s arms as fast as they can until Zingy shouts “zing” or “boing” and one of the Zingers comes flying off.

As with all of Drumond Park’s major new children’s products each year, Pumpazing will feature in its own multi-station TV advertising campaign, running from September until Christmas. A substantial PR, promotional and sampling programme on the same time scale is already in place. with spaces organised in many magazines such as Right Start, Creative Steps, The Christmas Magazine, Easy Peasy and Fun to Learn Favourites. Large numbers of reviews will also appear online from September onwards, via Drumond Park’s own Mummy Blogger panel.


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