Exclusive – Amazon Vendor or Seller?

Published on: 10th March 2021

An Amazon Vendor and owner of a small UK toy company shares how they have made progress in negotiating trading terms with the online retailer.

The writer of a Viewpoint column in Toy World, who wishes to remain anonymous, is the owner of a small UK toy company and was inspired to get in touch after having made some progress in negotiating tricky trading terms with Amazon.

Reacting to a Friday Blog which highlighted the challenge of ‘negotiating’ with Amazon over terms for the coming year, and having also seen other toy vendors discussing their ongoing challenges with Amazon on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, the supplier contacted Toy World to share their own experience, in case it might offer inspiration to other companies considering how best to navigate the conversation.

The supplier describes their recent first stage negotiation as ‘a joy’, despite having seven years’ experience of dealing with Amazon as an Amazon Vendor. Having been threatened that Amazon would switch off the company’s orders at the height of the first lockdown last year if they did not agree to stringent new terms, this time the supplier decided to take a different approach and be somewhat more bullish.

“At that time, our business with Amazon was about all that carried on across April into May, so they left me little choice but to acquiesce. This year, I’ve not forgotten that experience,” they told us. “I run and own my own business – so I have a little more flexibility in how I can approach them.”

Taking control of the meeting with an Amazon representitive, the company asked about the benefits of being a Vendor as opposed to a Seller, a question which led to some interesting revelations from Amazon.

“It obviously depends on your product/brand – but if you sell anything which is searched for and in demand, and already has traction on Amazon, I would suggest that it’s a route that should be seriously considered,” writes the supplier.

To find out how the company moved forward, and read the full Viewpoint column, which appeared in the March edition of Toy World, click here.






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