Exclusive: Clive Wooster discusses Geomagworld’s new Green Range

Published on: 10th January 2020

Magnetic construction toy specialist Geomagworld is launching its Green Range at Toy Fair, a line of products made entirely from 100% recycled plastics.

“When I first started in the toy trade, our main preoccupation – quite rightly – was making toys that were both safe and durable.” Comments Clive Wooster, MD at Geomagworld. “At that time, an awful lot of them weren’t. As an industry we’ve been successful, and plastic has been a huge part of the solution. Plastic had, and still has, its place, but I feel that we have reached the next stage of the development curve. Geomag had two aims in 2019; to continue creating products kids enjoy playing and learning with, and to embark on a journey of producing sustainable and environmentally friendly toys. We’ve also been taking the necessary steps within our own factory and production processes to help reduce the overall environmental impact of our products. We’ve made toys safe, we’ve made them durable and fun to play with, and now we need to make them sustainable. It’s the next logical step.

We’re not jumping on a bandwagon with this range; we truly believe it’s the right way to go. Our new Green Range takes what is essentially waste plastic and repurposes it into toys which will last years and provide plenty of fun and enjoyment.

Included within the Green Range will be nine Geomag Classic and Panel items, all available from June. Each item has a different piece count, ranging from 24 to 200. The Green Classic and Panels sets will incorporate the highest standard of environmentally sustainable components, with magnetic rods, panels and bases made of 100% recycled plastic. In addition to the Classic and Panels sets, four brightly coloured Magicube items are available, each containing between eight and 64 cubes.

Though still in discussion, my suggestion for retail shelf-space for a range like this is that we follow the lead of major supermarkets and create a ‘Free From’ area in-store to feature recycled, wooden, biodegradable or bamboo toys, which will appeal to consumers seeking eco-friendly toys. Although the packaging tells the story, if the Geomag Green Range were to be ranged with normal plastic toys, consumers might pass it by.

The Green Range will feature prominently in our marketing plans for this year, alongside regular TV advertising for the rest of the Geomag range. We have a superb product range, our service is excellent, the pricing is attractive, and our marketing is strong, so we expect this success to continue throughout 2020.”

To find out more about Geomag’s new Green Range in the January issue of Toy World, click here.


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