Exclusive: Geomagworld – making the difference

Published on: 13th April 2021

As ‘green toys’ increase in importance to consumers, Geomagworld tells us how the company is building on its current eco-friendly credentials.

Nikki Jeffery

Nikki Jeffery, international media relations manager at Geomagworld, spoke to Toy World about how the company is furthering its position as a leading toy manufacturer when it comes to sustainability. 2021sees the introduction of 20 new items across Geomagworld’s Magicube, Geomag and Mechanics platforms, each one made using recycled plastic.

“Our sustainability mission began quite a few years ago,” Nikki explained. “We started by converting to the use of 100% renewable energy and drastically reducing the industrial waste from our production processes. We also installed a recovery plant in the waters of a large Italian marina which collects plastics and micro-plastics.”

In 2020, the company first presented its new green range, and made a commitment that, moving forwards, all new products introduced would only be manufactured using recycled plastic. Geomagworld is proud to be able to stand by this vision.

We asked Nikki about what consumers are looking for in terms of ‘green toys’, and she told us: “We are just one company in a very big world filled with multiple industries, but we are committed to doing our bit to help. The Geomag portfolio comprises great toys that are fun, offer longevity, and critically also give consumers a guilt-free purchase option.”

Nikki also spoke of how initiatives by manufacturers to address their sustainability will add up to a combined force making long term changes to the planet. We also heard more about Geomag’s efforts to reduce the physical plastic waste found in oceans.

With a comprehensive toolkit available for retailers, containing everything they need to highlight the eco-friendly qualities of the various Geomagworld ranges, the company is comitted to supporting the benefits of its products in store. “There’s something for every retailer, big or small,” says Nikki. “If we don’t have it at the moment, just ask and we can look into it.”

Looking ahead, the company is confident that within the next 12-18 months, the entire range will be made of 100% recycled plastic.

“Geomagworld is aware that today more than ever, innovation must go hand-in-hand with two fundamental priorities: minimising impact on the natural world, and maximising social benefits as much as possible,” Nikki concludes.

To read the full article, which appeared in the April edition of Toy World, click here.


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