Exclusive: Hollywood Strikes concerning

Published on: 14th September 2023

Nick Gibbs-McNeil, the publisher/editor at and, shares his thoughts on the current times in Hollywood.

“So, a very brief ‘Nick’s take’ on what’s going on,” Nick said, “Hollywood writers and actors are on strike for the foreseeable future, meaning all production of shows and movies has shut down. On top of that, actors are banned by their unions from promoting any already finished, upcoming releases. In a nutshell, the main reason for these strikes is that many strikers believe contracts from the past don’t reflect the modern dynamic of the entertainment industry. They would like better pay, terms and conditions, in line with how the industry is monetised today. In addition, they are concerned that new AI technology could have a negative effect on how talent performances are used in shows, movies and advertising. It’s a complex situation, and there are many further issues involved, but those are the key bones of contention.”

Nick’s view is that all those involved in the film making should be paid what they deserve but at the same time, notes that times have changed and that “some of those striking may not have become actors or writers if the streaming platforms didn’t exist”.

Nick also spoke about how AI could benefit the entertainment industry and how the strikes could potentially be affecting the industry more than the Covid-19 pandemic. As a knock-on effect, the toy industry could also begin to struggle.

To read Nick’s full viewpoint, click here.


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